In Belarus, rage foxes, domestic dogs and cats

Rabid fox.  Photo: ngs22.ruFor seven months of 2011 were registered in Belarus 875 animals with a diagnosis of "disease", reports For the same period in 2010 the figure was almost half — 469.

According to the National Center of Hygiene, Epidemiology and Public Health, most rabid fox recognized (508 in 2011 and 302 in 2010).

Several times increased population of raccoon dogs with this disease (61 vs. 16). 107 times in 2011, fell ill with rabies pet dogs, 13 times a diagnosis is made homeless four-legged friends of man.

The situation is not much better with cats: they have rabies recorded in 67 and 16 cases, respectively.

By region most cases of rabies reported in the Grodno region — 199 (in 2010 it was 91), and the greatest increase in the number of registered rabies occurred in Mogilev region: there their number increased almost 4-fold — from 50 to 192 animals.

Irina Kienya

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