In Blagoveshchensk tornado overturned trucks and tore the roof

In the center of Blagoveshchensk (Amur region) swept a powerful tornado. Whirlwind was at the height of nine homes. He pulled rooted trees, tore roofs from the roofs, the windows could not withstand gusts and fought. Poles toppled power lines, said channel "Russia-24".

Black funnel dragging out everything that came in its way. The damage is not reported, but, as they say eyewitnesses, the strength tornado can only be compared to the hurricane, which was in Blagoveshchensk in 2007.

As a result, the element that struck the city on Sunday, turned over dozens of cars, including heavy, torn power lines, tore roofs of houses and buildings. According to First Deputy Prime Minister Viktor trapper Amur region, 14 people were wounded, one of the injured died in hospital from his injuries.

"The wind was so strong that turned the three 40-ton trucks, destroyed dozens of stalls entrepreneurs felled trees. Some houses partially damaged balconies, streets noticeable flown apart of the unit. At the car overturned several cars. A number of city roads due to damaged cars blocking the road, restricted movement, "- said the trapper.

According to him, in some areas of Blagoveshchensk no telephone is not working as mobile communications. "Restoration work has already begun. They brought police officers and firefighters. In the coming hours will resume electricity supply, clearing the way" — said the first deputy chairman of the regional government, adding that it is open to traffic on one of the main roads — Novotroitskaya highway passed "Interfax".

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Amur Region, Blagoveshchensk
Nothing boded trouble … But in a few minutes the clouds in the sky was falling … Weather had created what is absolutely not typical for Russia: a tornado. He is destroying everything in its path, the video shows the tornado as "passed" on the car market. He disappeared as suddenly as it had appeared! There is anecdotal evidence that the devils also raged in other parts of the city and also caused considerable damage.


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