In Bulanava suspected disease in which the mortality rate — up to 60%

Dmitry Savrasov transferred to the prison hospital with a diagnosis of a dangerous disease. After the interrogation, Dmitry Uss cause for questioning his wife and son. The employee Military Intelligence visited to "Volodarka" leader of "Malady Front" Dmitry Dashkevich.

Involved in the case on December 19 Dmitri Bulanov from the "Queen" was transferred to the prison hospital. Due to illness of a young man can not walk alone. Recently Dmitry examined by doctors.

Mother Bulanava Claudia Y.
"The diagnosis is: repeated acute rheumatic fever, a card and do not exclude infectious endocarditis. The consequences of this disease can be found on the Internet. When I looked, then grabbed his head. Mortality from it from 20 to 60% are required for the treatment of clinical conditions are good, permanent crops on the source of infection, cardiograms. I do not know whether there are conditions in this hospital. "

Claudia Bulanava reported that her petition to change the measure of restraint for his son due to illness did not satisfy the investigator. It also denied access to his son. 26-year-old Dmitri Bulanov accused of involvement in the events of December 19 and since then kept in custody.

Go toDmitry Dashkevich, leader of the unregistered organization "Young Front" which is in conclusion, the newly arrived members of the military counter-intelligence. Previously, such visits occurred when Dashkevycha held in Zhodino prison. According to information from activists sought cooperation with the investigation. Dashkevich pleaded not guilty and is not going to cooperate.

March 21 in the Moscow district court of Minsk process started over Dashkevich and his associates Eduard Lobau. Activists accused of hooliganism — ostensibly they beat two pedestrians in Minsk. The day before the presidential election Dashkievich windscreen and were arrested. They are talking about a provocation by the authorities.

March 14 held a regular examination of the KGB of the former presidential candidate Dzmitry Us.

Mustache, "Displays video events on the square. Braley explain why this, why that. Tomorrow invited as witnesses to his wife and son. As long as I remain as a suspect, and will continue to be so far, I do not know. Also ask about my phone conversations with Statkevich before December 19. Do not know whether it was lawful to listen to the conversations. Wiretapping definitely was. "

By Uss, the KGB, he was told that his plan to interrogate more. After the initial interrogations, Dmitry Uss told reporters that he had been pressured to call Statkevich one of the organizers of the riots on December 19.



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