In court testimony will be 15 police officers who beat Brevs and Gapon

The trial of the Company's Ivan Gaponavym and Artem Brevsam was suspended on March 1, just hours after the meeting. Prosecutorial agent Sergei Kunashev as soon as the process was resumed, read out the text of the new allegations and Gaponavu Brevsu. Supposedly they "came to the area with a far-fetched reason — allegedly rigged elections," acting in the crowd, which was armed with "bottles of flammable liquid", kicked and hands policemen standing in a cordon around the White House. Was read a list of 15 police officers who, according to investigators, with the injured.

The prosecution asked the court to have attached to the case file records of the interrogations of the police and the court is satisfied the request.

But lawyers petition to change the measure of restraint for Gaponava and Brevsa on his own recognizance judge Love Simakhina rejected. After that, she adjourned until March 10 — to defense could learn a new charge and prepare for trial on it.

What happened during that time in Ivano Gaponava and Artem Brevsa?

By letters of Ivan Gaponava houses on the conditions of detention, he does not complain. Russians, who were arrested at a rally in Minsk, attended by representatives of the Russian Embassy, said, "Freedom" mother Gaponava Sabir Atakishyeva:

"Vanya were representatives of the Russian Embassy. They said that as they had lawyers. Our lawyer was on Friday, they were preparing for the defense. Viewers documents regarding these 15 police officers injured. Mood are normal, a little philosophical. Waits 10th what will happen next. "

Also at the Moscow court today resumed the trial of the head of the construction company Dmitry Medvedev — And he is accused of involvement in the riots on December 19. The wife of the accused for Tatiana these days received two letters from her husband:

"He writes that he was glad to see us all, although police closed it, but at least they saw one like that. Writes that's all delayed, apparently, the Lord wants me to have been there. My husband is a believer. Yet husband hopes will be released. "

March 10 at the Supreme Court in a closed session to begin the investigation of the criminal case the Attorney General Svetlana Baykova.

The senior investigator for particularly important cases Svetlana Baykova charged with five articles of the Criminal Code. This engaging as the accused obviously innocent, forced to testify knowingly illegal arrest or detention, abuse of power or of a position of authority and the abuse of power or official authority. The maximum penalty for these offenses — up to 7 years in prison.

It is known that before the arrest Baykova investigating the machinations of the Brest customs involving customs officers and employees of the KGB. Last February Svetlana Baykova itself was arrested.

Another of the KGB detention center Baykova that is not fully acknowledged his guilt, sent an open letter to Alexander Lukashenko.

In mid-2010, Svetlana Baykova transferred from prison to house arrest, but in the end it was handed over the case to court. Recently expelled from the Bar Association lawyer Michael Volchak, who defended Svetlana Baykova. Who will advocate Baykova on the process in the Supreme Court, is unknown.

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