In Geneva, discussed the resolution on Belarus to the Council of the UN Human Rights

In Geneva, discussed the draft of a special resolution on Belarus, which will be proposed to the Human Rights Council of the UN. Its main demand — to release political prisoners.

In Geneva, the situation in Belarus was discussed at a special conference and a meeting with representatives of a number of national delegations to the Council on the UN Human Rights Council, which was held in the premises of Norwegian representation.

In celebration was attended by representatives of the human rights center "Viasna" and the International Federation of Human Rights, the Moscow bureau of the human rights organization Human Rights Watch, Human Rights House Network and the International Observation Mission of the situation in Belarus, which works in Minsk after the events of December 19.

Human Rights Watch presented its report on the visit to Minsk in February. Human rights activists have submitted information on what's going on in Belarus. The main discussion was about the draft resolution, which is expected to submit to the Human Rights Council of the UN. Its main requirement is the release of all political prisoners in Belarus.

Ales Bialiatski

The meeting was attended human rights activist Ales Bialiatski:

"Most likely extension of the resolution will be in two weeks. And now came a working discussion. Representatives of national delegations interested in the latest developments in Belarus. We noted that the human rights situation in Belarus is deteriorating. By rink repression of the authorities get a new social group. We talking about, that five lawyers in the last two weeks have been denied licenses. And yesterday's incident with Paul Sapelka stressed that this trend is the state, aimed at the destruction of the independent Institute of lawyers in Belarus. "

According to Ales Bialiatski, the procedure provides for the adoption of the resolution and consensus in this regard, there is the question of how to behave will be representatives of Russia.

Bialiatski"We have said that the position of the Russian Foreign Ministry today is quite negative regarding the tribunal, which is now takes place in Minsk. This applies to Russian citizens, and perhaps for the first time in front of the Russian delegation to the Human Rights Council, the choice is — what to do with the resolution? Or abstain from voting, or to maintain, or, as they did before, to vote against. "



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