In Italy, a driver killed a fallen tree, the element continues to rage, is missing

The driver of a car has become another victim of the floods that hit Italy as a result of incessant rains. A man was killed when the roof of his car fell a tree, rinse water streams. The tragedy occurred in the town of Pozzuoli, near Naples.

Element is raging in Italy for several days. Particularly affected the city on the Ligurian coast. Heavy rains turned streets into raging rivers on which people are forced to move to the waist in water. According to rescuers, on Friday November 4 in Liguria were killed or disappeared, at least six people, including two children.

Fearing flooding, authorities Naples temporarily suspended tours for tourists in the ruins of ancient Pompeii. Due to stormy weather mayor ordered to postpone the long-awaited match of the 11th round of the championship in Italy soccer championship between the leader of Turin "Juventus" and with the "Napoli". The game, scheduled for Sunday was postponed indefinitely.

Previously, for the same reasons was canceled meeting in Genoa, where November 6 local club "Genoa" was to take Milan "Inter".

Cinque Terre National Park, which is one of the main attractions of Italy, still clear of dirt brought by flood waters.

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