In Kamchatka, no pass, no pass

To Archangel storm hit the White Sea. Temperature rose sharply, and the city began to flood. Because of the rising waters flooded more than 500 homes and summer cottages. Tenants continue to evacuate. Forecasters predict a strong wind in the region in the next few hours. Whims of added work and public utilities in Kamchatka. Peninsula was dominated by the snow storm. The city streets are clearing of snow. Ice and almost zero visibility caused dozens of road accidents.
Wind gusts of up to 30 meters per second, which began in Kamchatka turned into a strong snow storm. Only for the night in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky fell 10% monthly rainfall. In schools and universities of the capital of the region because of bad weather canceled all classes.
Warning of adverse weather conditions provided to all emergency services. Residents in the power of the element of area, tourists and fishermen urged to wait out the bad weather in settlements.
At the moment, according to the regional emergencies department, failures in heating systems, energy supply and there is no connection. The main brunt of the disaster came in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.
The edge of the capital's main thoroughfare clearing continuously. Meanwhile, in the town, located on the hills, in this, let him back, and bad weather for the region, and equally difficult for pedestrians and motorists.
"With the deteriorating weather conditions in the regional center of the 58 small-scale clashes occurred, — the State Inspector propaganda traffic traffic police Petropavlovsk Yuri Zotov. — I would like to note that most of this type of accident is happening in mezhkvartalnyh passages where there are steep ascending and descending. "
Ice, wet snow and strong winds. Almost zero visibility in many areas of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky only complicate the traffic situation in the city, which is estimated to forecasters, will remain at the mercy of the weather at least until Wednesday. The impact of the cyclone on the peninsula is forecast, and did not stop a few more days.
"The next day the cyclone will slowly move eastward, and cyclonic weather regime with precipitation, the wind will also be stored in the Elizovsky and spread to Ust-Kamchatka regions", — said Head of the Kamchatka weather forecasting meteorologist Anna Prikhodko.
In this case, at the mercy of the weather and the airport will be Yelizovo, which still continues to work normally. The weather conditions here yet allow you to send and receive aircraft on schedule.

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