In Kiev killed fish ponds

Mass death of fish in the Ukraine.  Photo: environmentalists warn that in the Kiev reservoir can begin mass death of fish. All — because of abnormally early blooms in the river. This process takes up oxygen from the river, which leads to the death of fish. Usually blooms begin in August. However, this year — a hindrance nature — was the heat and industrial waste, according to UBR.
According to the Kievan owners landing stages that recently docked in Hydropark, poured into water its waste. The result of this economy — the dirty river. For green water — the conditions could not be better. Due to the accumulation of nutrients plants bloom for two months earlier than usual.
Algal blooms and contributes to the heat. Environmentalists predict — a process that causes the death of fish.
Public utilities that need to monitor the purity of water bodies, throw up their hands — say the city badly needed quality treatment facilities. For from industrial emissions — Dnieper tight. In the meantime, with the blooming of water near the beaches struggling manually.
However, so-called bonifikatorov, that is people who collect seaweed from the shores of ponds, only one hundred and fifty works, say in the municipal enterprise "Pleso". In Rusanovka cleaners with "Pleso" seen. But abnormal early blooms have noticed.
How safe is "blooming" water for Kiev — sanepidemstantsii control in the capital. At the flowering period of the Dnieper, experts recommend "Kievvodokanalu" clean drinking water with additional chlorine.

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