In Minsk, pray every day for prisoners

Human rights organizations and movements, public activists continue to rally of solidarity with political prisoners. Activists of the civil initiative "Liberation" require investigation in the torture of prisoners in the prison of the KGB, the Committee for the Defense of the repressed "Solidarity" continues to look for volunteers to help the families of political prisoners, and members of the BCD party calling for a daily prayer for all the victims of the persecution of the authorities after December 19.

Activists of the civil initiative "Liberation", which was founded by family members of politicians are preparing a letter of protest against the ban on advocacy Paul Sapelka, which once defended the three accused in a criminal case on the events of December 19: Andrei Sannikov, Dmitri Dashkevich and Paul Sevyarinets. They also sought investigation of the facts alleged torture in the KGB prison, says wife of the convicted Alexander Otroshchenkov Daria:

Darya Korsak

"I sent a statement to the Prosecutor General, which wrote about the fact that my husband confirmed that he, too, had been tortured in the KGB, and I ask them to hold his prosecutor's check. And that they should do so in a way that did not result in even greater repression for my husband and his fellow inmates. And I will not dwell, as well as our "liberation." We will do everything possible for the final release of our family. "

Committee for the Protection of the repressed "Solidarity" is still calling caring people to volunteer to help not only the victims but also their families. These people show up, but still not enough, said the deputy chairman of the "Solidarity" Enira Bronitskaya:

Enira Bronitskaya

"We still do not have 42 people who have been" assigned "to the families, because people have different work or go to school, but the most vigilant we need to solve. Labour is: for example, now we specify who and what edition need to sign, so people do not remain in the information blockade. For not all families are coping do it. "

While few are prayer and action that occur every day around the church of St. Simon and Helena or Red Church in Minsk. The activists of the Belarusian Christian Democracy party call to join them all caring people, says one of the initiators and active participants Valeria Chernomortsev:

"Prayer solidarity rally held daily in the 20 hours: people come and light candles near the sculpture of the Archangel Michael, who kills the evil — that is very symbolic. People pray and remember all the names of the prisoners, as they sing" God Almighty. "Only thing that — people are coming little. Therefore, we call upon to join this solidarity action, while there is such an opportunity to express my solidarity with all prisoners and victims. "

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