In Minsk, presented the album Press Photo Belarus 2010



Sergei Mikhalenko

Julia Darashkevich

Dmitry Vaitsyushkevich

Vadim Zamirouski

In Minsk gallery "B" album was presented the winners of the first competition, "Belarus Press Photo 2010". The album placed about 200 pictures 34-photographers. Before the public were made by the organizers of the competition and the winner. And held an auction in which the album was sold autographed by all the authors and the disc Zimitra Vaitsyushkevich.

The winning entries in the last year in May last year were shown in the exhibition center "Belexpo" last year at the end of the contest was held 9 more shows — in Belarus, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, and several medyyaprezentatsy. And here are the best placed of the album, which was printed in the Lithuanian Kaunas.

On the cover — photo Victor Drachev, which received the Grand Prix competition. Villagers Tulgovichi, which is in the evacuation zone after the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, sitting at the table and celebrate the Annunciation.

And under cover — dozens of photos of the numerous protests, portraits, landscapes, front and Society.

One of the organizers of the competition, the founder of the photographic "ZNYATA" Sergei Mikhalenko"Today's press photography is one of the most significant trends in photography, as it documentary, and it retains and shows us what is happening in our world, in our country, in our city. This is a press photograph will remain the material that will be studying in 10 years, 50 or even 100 years. "

Chief editor, organizer of the competition Julia Darashkevich, satisfied with the product:

"The album is very beautiful in appearance and pithy inside. And I really wanted it to come out every year and there were photos of better and more interesting. "

The event was held music Dmitry Vayshyushkevich. Dmitri himself a lot of singing. At the end of the presentation of an auction, where the album sold autographed by all the winners of the "Belarus Press Photo 2010". The starting price was 30,000:

"150,000 times, 150,000 two, 150,000 and a CD from Dmitry Vaitsyushkevich — three! 150000, disk, an autograph and a kiss from Dmitry Vaitsyushkevich added to this album! Thank you very much, darling, come take away! (cheers). "

Photographer Vadim Zamirouski recalled that on February 10 there is a reception of new works for the competition "Belarus Press Photo 2011". The deadline for submitting photos — March 10.

"Who has not sent the photo to the contest and going do it — do not wait for the last day. We've made a few changes to the competition. For example, there will be a new category "Traditions." Also separated from a series of single shots. "

In This year, are accepted in the category "News", "People in the News", "Daily Life", "Sport", "portrait", "Arts and Entertainment", "Nature". Nomination "facade, advertising" decided to replace "Traditions."



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