In Minsk, want to march against homophobia

The activists of the gay movement in Belarus, Minsk City Executive Committee submitted a request to hold the march "March of Equality," in commemoration of the International Day Against Homophobia on May 17.

March 5 applicants were activists of IDAHO Belarus.

The purpose of the "March of Equality" — performance in support of Human Rights and civil equality for all people, regardless of ethnicity, religious and cultural beliefs, sexual orientation and gender identity.

"March of equality — the action to consolidate the various minorities in Belarus, who are often discriminated against in that or other degree. On once we decided not to out of context Human Rights LGBT rights, so in order to march showed a long list of minority groups, it is the ethnic minorities, and language, people with disabilities and older people, sexual minorities and people of different gender identity. This is to reduce the level of aggression on the part of anti-gay citizens, "- said one of the organizers of the" March of Equality " Sergei's great-grandfather.

This march will be held in the framework of the "Festival of Equality," which IDAHO Belarus plans to spend from 14 to 17 May.

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