In Moscow flowered viburnum

No one believed, but it took and back — Indian summer. Oh, yes, nature …

How is it like a woman — first to burst into tears at all the "I can not see you" and "how much you can", and then — to jump on the neck and sob, breathless tenderness, quite happily.

Is not it just came to us weather — scared endless showers, cooling, and then suddenly smiled blissfully behind the clouds and warmed up, and forced to hide umbrellas, raincoats and unzipped …
Morning colleague, Julia, came with a smile. Shows pictures — viburnum in the country has blossomed! Red berries almost dospeli, it's time to collect, and next — flowers! A miracle? And in the park grass grows.

Believing who returned heat as readily as we do sometimes believe the hype — all knowing and understanding, but infinitely enjoying this illusion. However, and that — not an illusion?
And a miracle — in the Moscow zoo. On chestnut, already yellowed, blossomed "candles" colors — as if spring has come again. Well, admit — a miracle! And then the chestnut blossom-not everywhere, but only on the old site, near the cells of wildebeest. And something seems to me, has not done here without the romance. Maybe the sun warmed the heart of old wildebeest, and looked at it through different eyes wildebeest that roamed with him … What are you laughing at? Is not it wonderful — to see something or someone else, in another way, see something he had not seen for years — under his own nose?

We are … in the park, in which the heat was back. Sometimes it comes back. And you do so that does not go away.
You can, I know. And maybe, just believe in miracles.
So — sometimes in spite of everything, too — feel happy. One only has to recognize that it is — a miracle. Such as it is warm in September.

Olga Kuzmina

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