In Moscow, snow is expected

The first snow appears on the streets of Moscow on Wednesday in connection with the expected formation of black ice on the roads of the capital, said weather specialist center "Phobos."

"Formed in the environment, the snow cover will last a few days in the capital. Affect it stable temperature decrease to negative values," — said the weather center.

According to him, most of the precipitation will be on Tuesday, but they will fall, most likely in the form of rain. Meanwhile, the places will be snow in the afternoon — snow and rain.

"On Wednesday, the precipitation is expected in the mixed phase, the transition from the mixed to the solid phase. Meanwhile, the temperature in the daytime and at night will be 0 — plus 2 degrees. Thus acquires the features of pre-winter weather is inclement weather," — said the expert.

He stressed that as expected the formation of black ice on the roads of the capital, according to RIA Novosti.

"The permanent snow cover that persists through the winter, appeared in Moscow, according to tradition, November 28. However, there are exceptions. For example, in 1976, the snow cover was formed on October 13, he stayed for the whole winter," — said meteorologist.

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