In Odessa logo appears on Lebedev Studio

As the portal "Comments" Mayor of Odessa A.Kostusev satisfied with the new logo of the city, which is developed by design studio Art Lebedev. Previous logo, which was developed in 2009, the agency Bohush Communications, not liked the people of the city and was not accepted by them.
In a public statement on the website is presented as a studio anchor logo yellow. Offered as options with the red and blue colors. In the picture there are graphics that look like the heart, the lighthouse, sea waves and hands fisherman. Along with the logo proposed original font, respectively, matched all colors.
The slogan of the city, which sounds like "Sea of impressions" remained the same. Design — the studio's logo has developed the necessary recommendations on the use of identity, which will be used in the design of various objects, from street labels to souvenirs. Lebedev Studio has experience in such works. Previously, designers have developed logos of Perm and the Kaluga region. In recent years, more and more cities of the Russian Federation and the former Soviet Union acquire new logos. For example, Pike, Adygea, Omsk Oblast, Nenets Autonomous District.

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