In Poland, a hurricane swept crazy: what are the consequences?

News Europe, Poland. Last Saturday, Poland has covered the most powerful element in a strong wind, which reached speeds of 140 kilometers per hour. As a result of this rampant natural forces suffered three residents.

According to the news agency RIA Novosti quoted Jaroslaw Wojtasik, a member of the Provincial Fire Guard commandant in the southern Polish city of Katowice, the most by the disaster affected populations Pszczyna, Bielsko-Biala and around Tesin.

Hurricane force winds on Saturday brought down the roofs of many houses, felled many trees, power lines posryval. The popular resort of Zakopane, some residents and tourists were left without electric lighting. And the servant of one of the local hotels fell tube boiler, resulting in severe injuries he received.

In the famous and attractive tourist Polish Tatras wind affect the operation of the cable car to the top of Kasprowy — her work had to stop.

In several regions the wind brought down trees on cars that were, according to local media reports, literally crushed. And Opolskie Voivodeship hurricane hit with such force that swept from the road two heavy trucks.

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