In resort areas of Turkey as a result of heavy rainfall killed 4 people

Photo: EPA

Four people were killed, six were missing as a result of heavy rainfall in the resort areas of Turkey. As reported by Channel "Haberturk" torrential rains hit towns in the provinces of Antalya, Mugla, Denizli, Manisa.

In Antalya powerful mudslides, descended from the mountain resort areas, destroyed three bridges and 25 houses. Dozens of local residents needed help rescuers to evacuate from the flooded areas. The government used helicopters to rescue people or hard-cut elements villages.

Antalya Governor Ahmet Altyparmak reported that heavy rains caused serious damage to farmland and fisheries.

In the province of Denizli also affected fisheries and livestock. 60-year-old local woman drowned trying to pull out of the sunken cow.

In the province of Manisa two dead, absent fault on the road, blurred water flow. More than 15 houses were damaged. 70-year-old local man drowned after saving his year-old granddaughter.

In the coastal Bodrum by squally wind was washed ashore a 13-meter yacht. More than a hundred homes flooded ground floors and basements.

The wind and rain made it difficult to life and the north-western region of Turkey. In Istanbul and Canakkale were canceled several flights ferry across the Sea of Marmara, which used daily by thousands of people.

Meteorologists report that in Antalya for the last day there were a record for the past 37 years, the number of deposits — up to 300 kg per square meter. Powerful cyclone mainly active in the western part of Turkey. Authorities seven provinces warn the local population about the need to be prepared for flooding and mudslides, according to ITAR-TASS.

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