In San Bernardo body buried people do not decompose!

A small mountain town of San Bernardo, located in the Colombian Andes, continues to amaze scientists. The fact that the bodies of the dead were buried in the local cemetery, do not undergo the process of decomposition. This phenomenon is called "natural mummification."
Whether this phenomenon is a miracle, or just blame chemicals and GMOs that so hard
added to food — is not clear. A similar phenomenon has been observed not long ago, the article can be found HERE

For the first time, scientists are faced with a similar phenomenon in 1957. According to experts, the bodies have not been treated with chemicals. Some of them have remained virtually the same form that had at the time of disposal — the natural processes did not touch any skin or hair, or clothing.

Perhaps no one would have heard about this phenomenon, if not the local tradition of burial. Before you bring the body of the earth, it is stored for 5 years in a special coffin. Theoretically, after this long period of time from the late should remain alone bone. However, the theory does not always coincide with the practice.

Some residents believe the cause of the "natural mummification" cemetery location, others attribute this diet of local residents — the use of exotic fruits in life, supposedly affects the fact that after the death of the body of the deceased is not subject to degradation processes. Whatever the reason for what is happening, this phenomenon has led to a huge influx of tourists and scientists in San Bernardo.



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