In search of Bigfoot Watch online

In search of Bigfoot Watch online
Team sails away in a small fishing town on the peninsula Tsarevich off the coast of Wales in Alaska, where many generations of local inhabitants knows chilling stories about the meeting with a snow man. Not so long ago, he was again beheld it and strike terror into the hearts of the inhabitants of the island. The mayor of a small town Haydeburg sought the help of Meta Moneymaker and his team with a request to look at what is happening with the hope that they went out and brought back.

1 lot. The pilot.

2 series. Filmed.

Society for Bigfoot sails away into the woods of North Carolina to check whether there is a Yeti in the region. According to the witness, his camp stormed the snow man growth of 2.5 meters. He took off all on film. While researchers are trying to establish its authenticity, they themselves will have a meeting in the woods. But the team is losing self-control.

3 series. Bigfoot in Georgia.

For more than 50 years of remote forests of northern Georgia, including a place where hundreds of occasions to meet Bigfoot. Now our research team travels to Georgia to study the latest signs of its occurrence. They show us the video shot by the police, which is most of the finds convincing evidence the existence of the Yeti. Researchers have come to a small town on the edge of a state park in Georgia.

4 series. Swamp monkeys.

Many generations of Florida residents believed that a relative of Bigfoot — a primate, which hiding in the marshes naizloveschih. With an abundance of evidence, Society for Bigfoot sails away to the south, to study the evidence funky family, which, according to them, this creature comes to visit at night.

5 series. Hunting for Bigfoot in Oregon.

More than 200 years the forest of Oregon listed as the epicenter of the activity of Bigfoot. According to reports, he beheld a lot of time there. Team Bigfoot hunters push off into the wilds of central Oregon to examine a video of fishing for perikate containing frames that are able to prove the existence of Bigfoot.

6 series. Frozen snow man.

Members of the Organization of catching Bigfoot touring the dark corners of America to malehankih towns in order to find a furry creature known as Bigfoot. The team finds evidence for the existence of Bigfoot in the United States. If I can find them mysterious creature that shakes the imagination of people for centuries?

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