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The Crystal Skull — A mysterious artifact that was discovered by archaeologists in different parts of the world, equally attracted the attention of scientists and researchers, a new generation of enthusiasts. Especially one of the skulls found has long been a point of contention, controversy and intrigue. The "In Search of Truth" in this series is trying to pinpoint the location of gaining 'Crystal Skull "American archaeologist Mitchell-Hedges, who is believed to have been found in Belize in the early 20th century.

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Our program can not find the answers to many of the questions that haunted many inquisitive minds. Is this an artifact creature of modernity, or find it belongs to ancient times and refers to the Mayan culture? If so, then it should be dated to a period of 3000 years ago. Documentary series "Crystal Skull" answers the question, inviting the audience in search of the truth to take part in a journey through the mysterious past of the crystal skulls, which will lead them to the jungles of Belize, on the streets of Beijing, and in cities such as Washington and London.

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Watched this movie, but he did not impress me. Maybe it's because I truly believe that the "Mitchell-Hedges Skull" made of rock crystal, which is almost as good as the strength of a diamond really was created over 3,000 years ago, and certainly not a 200 year old fake. Moreover, the scientists original findings were not given, and it was just a Chinese-only copy, or silicone molds and plaster … How can we talk about the purity of the experiment, if the work is carried out not understand anything. In general, each to decide for himself what to believe.

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