In St. Petersburg, the storm: a tree falls in the river and on urban car

Falling trees - a real danger

Element in Petersburg cleared outright. One after another fall in the age-old barrels.

In the center of the tree crashed into the water Griboyedov Canal. It all happened at the house 148.

Now, the lifeguard, they wait for arrival of a crane to lift the barrel from the water and release the channel.

Fell the trees and out of town, so in some fallen giants Repino continuity of supply.

Two more tree tilted and can fall outside Zamshina. The benefit of time to notice the danger. Was threatened area kindergarten. Rescuers have surrounded the place and began to cut the branches to prevent a fall.

But Ligovsky the house to prevent PE 254 failed. It fell to the car trunk, crushing two cars. Besides, was partially blocked the roadway.

Andrew DAC

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