In Tatarstan, the summer heat will replace hurricane. Kazan

In Nizhnekamsk region have counted loss Photo: STR, Nizhnekamsk

On Friday night in Nizhnekamsk and Nizhnekamsk region raging hurricane. Because of the strong winds and storms six villages remained without electricity. Some houses blown away.
Also, due to bad weather, was detained flight "Moscow — Nizhnekamsk" airport "Domodedovo". The plane left the airport in Moscow two hours later.

And in the village of Borok Nizhnekamsk region nearly died more than 60 heads of cows: a farm, where they were, because of the hurricane collapsed in a matter of minutes. Cows were rescued, but their house was in ruins. Got not only the local "Cows": the storm and strong winds without a roof over his head, literally, dozens of residents were Birch Mane. To restore housing villagers need a lot of money and time.

As they say the residents of one of the affected households were at one point took off the roof into the air at home, barn, and a pantry. Slate, people talk a while circling in the sky, and then fell to the next tree. Wind speed yesterday reached 30 meters per second. His outburst did not maintain the plants and trees. Apples and potatoes were felled. Greenhouses were destroyed.

Element snapped power lines. The terrible consequences of Rain on itself felt and residents of other villages. In the New Minkino about 10 homes were left without roofs. Now residents count losses reported Nizhnekamsk broadcaster "STD."
Meanwhile, forecasters predict weather deterioration of Tatarstan. The afternoon of 30 July, in most areas of the country are expected thunderstorms, with squally thunderstorms, strong winds up to 18-23 meters per second. In some areas of heavy rain and hail. The temperature in this case will plummet. In the early hours of Monday August 1 at least 18 the thermometer did not rise. During the day in Tatarstan expected 22 .. 27

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