In the Far East, the mass killing animals

Weather anomalies in the Far East can cause massive death of ungulates in spring 2011 Gozha. On it informs RIA Novosti referring to authoritative coastal ecologist, Ph.D. Victor Yudin. As one of the arguments Yudin gives the example of last winter, which was also very snowy, and forest dwellers survive the cataclysm could not.

The entire Far East fauna in danger, say experts

RIA Novosti quoted the following statement Yudin, "covered with snow throughout the region ranges from 70 centimeters to a meter. Thus, the entire bush — the main food prey — was bombarded. Now the snow is soft, animals can somehow get to the food, but because of the spring thaw on it, a solid crust, and then there are red deer and roe deer is nothing "

In this sea of ungulates observed in the past year, but then no one paid attention to the words of environmentalists

Now lives in the far east are a number of rare ungulates. However, the number is low. So sika deer population is about 12.5 thousand animals, deer — about 21 thousand, 21 thousand wild boar, roe deer, 30.5 thousand. In this case, scientists have noted that the growth of populations of these animals had long been observed

Scientists do not have a clear opinion as to what is causing natural disasters that kill animals

One of the most likely versions — is human intervention in the ecosystem. The specialists clarify that in this case it is not so much about poaching, but about the consequences of the so-called "progress." In the Far East are a number of large enterprises, including powerful plants, power plants, and the like killer nature. Their cumulative impact on the environment is enormous. Rivers are polluted by industrial waste, atmosphere — combustion of organic matter, and the land — a variety of debris, the lion's share of which is toxic.

Maritime rescue ecosystem can only intervene at the highest level

But now, they're in no hurry to help the region. On the contrary, recently launched in Primorye car factory Sollers, and in the near future, there may be open and complex group Renault-Nissan

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