In the Los Angeles area because of the fire evacuated thousands of vacationers

Rescue Services of California evacuated thousands of vacationers because of a forest fire that started in a few tens of kilometers to the north-east of Los Angeles, wrote on Tuesday edition of Los Angeles Times.

At present, anti-fire, emerged in the National Park Angeles National Forest, involving more than 700 firefighters, as well as machinery and aircraft.

According to a service for the protection of the U.S. Forest Uegnera John (John Wagner), natural fire was far from the favorite tourist destinations, which on weekends and holidays collects up to 12 thousand people. Last Monday was the U.S. weekend to celebrate Labor Day.

According Uegnera, by now the fire is localized within about 5% of the area of fire. It is expected that the fire will be fully under control by next Monday.

The causes of fire are found out, but firefighters found the fire burned in the car. It is unknown whether he was the cause of wildfires, the report says.

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