In the mass deaths of whales in the Primorye suspected war

According, mass deaths of whales seen near the city of Nakhodka in the Primorye — only in the last month, local residents discovered here for three of the dead animals. The exact causes of the phenomenon are not known, but scientists do not exclude the fault of the military.

First washed ashore five-meter beast found the staff recreation in the village, Anna May 31. Scientists TINRO — Center believe that this whale died of old age. Another dead, now a four-meter whale, found on June 9 Fox Island shore, also near Nakhodka. June 17 professionals rybinspektsii city reported that another dead whale found on the coast at the children's camp "Antares", says "Interfax".

Scientists Far East Branch (FEB RAS) believe that the cause of death of the whales may be several. One of them — "technological impact." "Warships use underwater locators and echo sounders, which is irradiated whales and damage their brain," — told reporters on Tuesday honored ecologist of Russia, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, Senior Research Fellow, FEB RAS Boris Preobrazhensky.

He added that the near Nakhodka, where last month the shore found three dead whale, there is a base of naval ships. "The bay is based military shooter. Findings also close under active shipping both civilian and military courts. Perhaps it is because of them and killing whales," — said the scientist.

According to him, the U.S. military is forbidden to use underwater sonar locators and the coastline, about 10-15 miles offshore. "Just at this distance and whales swim" — said the Transfiguration.

The scientist said that another likely reason for the death of whales near Nakhodka — is water pollution. "The whales could die due to a viral infection. Maybe they eat contaminated plankton in the water or shellfish that live on the bottom. Just accumulates at the bottom of all the technical dirt, oil, and so on," — he said.

By the way, whales are not likely to be released on the shore of old age, as previously stated in the media, some experts. "This situation requires serious study and analysis. The only way to determine the true cause and find out why the whales are dying right now and it is in this place", — concluded the Transfiguration.

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