In the suburbs walking drunken moose

In the suburbs fall significantly increased the number of accidents involving drunken moose. According to traffic police, Moscow region, animals, after having gorged itself fermented wild apples hmeleyut and have entered the road.

Spokeswoman of the Office of Traffic Police in the Moscow region Solenova Maria told a news conference that a significant number of accidents in the suburbs fall is due to drunken moose.

These animals overeat fermented wild apples, get drunk and then go out in this state on the road, writing new policies.

According Solenovoy autumn apples are falling from the trees, and other fruit wildings. Getting on the rotting leaves, they begin to rot and ferment. Solenova reported that up each month suburbs is between 18 and 20 collisions with moose. The greatest number of such incidents recorded on the highways M-9 ("Baltic") in Shakhovskoi area, M-1 ("Belarus") in the Ruza and Mozhaiskom areas, and at the Kiev highway (M-3 "Ukraine"), the newspaper adds. Ru.

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