In Transbaikalia fire spread to more than a thousand hectares of forest

In Transbaikalia for the last day of forest fires have increased by almost one thousand hectares. Today fire 23 forest fires covering more than 2300 hectares of taiga. Eleven fires over an area of 1400 hectares located, ITAR-TASS referring to the headquarters of the Russian Emergencies Ministry Trans-Baikal Territory.

"Fire extinguish prevents dry and windy weather. To extinguish the fire must attract a large number of people and equipment. Now fighting the fire element are up to 720 people and 156 vehicles. The region has four helicopter Siberian Regional Emergency Center", — explained in the Office .

In Transbaikalia from October 3, introduced a state of emergency. People's access to the taiga is prohibited. Police officers, foresters, fire guard the approaches to the forest for 70 stationary posts and 30 mobile stations constantly patrol the forests and shipped out of the forest offenders regime ES.

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