In Transbaikalia for the autumn wave of forest fires introduced a state of emergency

Photo ITAR-TASSULAN-UDE, October 3. / Itar-Tass Subbotin /. In Transbaikalia for the autumn wave of forest fires today introduced a state of emergency / disaster /. "Governor Territory Ravil Geniatulin signed a decree on the introduction of state of emergency because of the large number of fires and adverse meteorological forecasts", — told the ITAR-TASS correspondent in his administration.
Operational headquarters for emergency response was led by Vice Prime Minister Alexander Kholmogorov edge. In his words, "the most unfavorable situation is developing in the West region — and in Hilokskaya Petrovsk-Zabaikalsky areas." Kholmogorov believes that boundary forces fire service and Chita forest protection air base enough to deal with the fire element. "However, — he said — in the next 10 days will remain dry, warm and windy weather, and it is this weather forces enter emergency mode for the accumulation of resources and prevent public access to the forest." At the same time limited production activities in the forest, hunting, formed police units of the search for the instigators of the taiga.
"Today, in the five regions of the Transbaikal been 12 wildfires on an area of almost 760 hectares," — told Trend. Itar-Tass news service EMERCOM RF Trans-Baikal region. According to the agency, now nine localized lesions on more than 550 hectares, continue to operate three fires on an area of over 200 hectares.

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