In Ukraine, the demand from Russia not to support Lukashenko

June 19 in Kiev there was a picket near the Belarusian and Russian embassies. Thus Belarusian and Ukrainian social activists have noted six months Square.

On the picket were heard demanding the release of political prisoners, to protect from the Russian oligarchy Belarusian independence and an end to repression against the Belarusian patriots:

"We, the Ukrainian citizens, representatives of various political parties and NGOs, express solidarity with the brotherly people of Belarus. Creation so-called "Union State", the conclusion of the Customs Union, the support of Russification and denationalization of Belarus — not a complete list of the manifestations of anti-Belarusian policy of Moscow. As a result of this policy implications for Belarus the nation will be devastating: a political and economic crisis, mass emigration, the lack of Belarusian-language education. The entire civilized world does not recognize the legitimacy of the current regime in Belarus, but Russia has always supported Lukashenko regime both domestically and in the international arena. We express our strong opposition to the imperial policy of Moscow to the brotherly Belarusian people and demand to stop the attack on the independence of Belarus. We believe that all agreements with the anti-Belarus the Lukashenko regime illegal and will not be eligible for the international law. The output of the Belarusian crisis is only one: the resignation of Lukashenko and holding free and democratic elections. Demand from Russia and its leadership does not interfere with this process. "

Active participation in the action taken and girlfriends known organization FEMEN.

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