Irene paralyzed the life of New York

Hurricane "Irene" reached New York, writes News. Ru. The mayor of the largest U.S. metropolitan Michael Bloomberg addressed the population of the city, it is strongly recommended not to leave their homes in the next few hours, until the element will not depart from New York. Everywhere in the city are sandbags in case of flooding of streets, garbage cans overturned to avoid tipping by strong gusts of wind.
Forced evacuation was announced Saturday for 370,000 residents of low-lying areas of the city. On Saturday morning at many stores lined up in long queues — people immediately bought water, bread, batteries for flashlights and radios in case of power failure. Many supermarkets these products ended on Friday. Now the streets completely empty, only occasionally passing cars and rescue services. Life in the city is paralyzed — not working subway does not go to ground public transport, for arriving flights closed all five airports in New York, for security reasons canceled all sports and entertainment events.
As previously reported, the five serving New York airports, including LaGuardia International Airport and John F. Kennedy, stopped serving all incoming flights due to the approach of Hurricane "Irene." Completely stopped flights New York to Russia. "Our flights 313 and 315 from Moscow to New York, as well as flights 314 and 316, following in the opposite direction on Saturday and Sunday, August 27 and 28, were canceled due to Hurricane" Irene "- ITAR-TASS in Russian airline "Aeroflot". — All passengers who have purchased tickets for these flights are offered free re on other flights. "
Hurricane "Irene", the epicenter of which wind speeds reach 136 km per hour, close to Washington. In the suburbs of Washington, which is now the rain, about 150,000 people were left without electricity. "While the situation in the city is relatively calm, but a major blow ahead" — wrote in Twitter District of Columbia Mayor Vincent Gray.
Almost all day Saturday in the capital pouring rain, the streets were deserted, but the White House and on the main boulevard, where there are museums, tourists can be seen under umbrellas. In case, if, due to heavy rain will flood, city officials handed out to owners of houses located in the lowlands 7000 special bags to fill with sand or earth.
Behind the cyclone, which is assigned to the first category of danger on a scale Saffir-Simpson has left the state of Virginia, North Carolina and Florida. In areas that have experienced the brunt of the disaster, mainly on the coast of North Carolina and Virginia, uprooted hundreds of trees, flooded roads and streets were left without electricity for more than 1 million inhabitants. According to recent data, the element has already killed nine people. Most of the dead were crushed by trees, torn hurricane wind.
On Sunday morning local time resort towns of New Jersey will be felt by "Irene." In situated therein, "the gambling capital of" East Coast Atlantic City ceased to function 11 casinos — only the third time in the last 33 years. "More than 1 million people were evacuated from the coast of New Jersey" — said the governor of this state, Christopher Christie. State of emergency was introduced in ten states — New York, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Rhode Island.
On Saturday, U.S. President Barack Obama, who returned to the capital from a holiday in late Friday night, visited the Coordination Centre of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) — an analog of the Russian Emergencies Ministry. There he was introduced to the latest reports coming from areas in which the element of a blow, discussed by teleconference with governors and experts FEMA situation in the states that are in the way of "Irene." "You guys are great to work" — Obama said, referring to the approximately 60 employees of the center, switched to the non-stop schedule.
"For the whole country it will be a long 72 hours, — he continued. — The consequences will be felt by the hurricane, many families. From what I heard, I was most worried about is flooding and power failure. Seems that many states will experience the impact of hurricane and the implications will take days, and in some cases weeks. "
At the request of the White House, Barack Obama has authorized the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA to coordinate efforts to assist the people. In addition, FEMA is authorized to "free to use all necessary to alleviate an emergency situation, resources and equipment."
The readiness to render any assistance announced on Saturday, Pentagon chief Leon Panetta. According to him, 6.5 thousand troops may be operatively engaged in the operation of search and rescue and hurricane. To combat the effects of the elements will be involved in the U.S. military servicemen. Thus, placed in the New York area of U.S. National Guard troops will help emergency services necessary to minimize possible damage and Hurricane "Irene." The corresponding decree was issued on Saturday, the governor of New York Andrew Cuomo. According to him, the guards helped build temporary levees in areas caught up in the disaster area, and around the most important sites in New York. These include, in particular, to the Memorial to victims of the September 11 attacks, which will be open on the anniversary of the 2001 attacks. After the disaster at the guards will be assigned work in the aftermath of the hurricane. They will also take part in rescue operations, to keep order in the streets, prevent possible looting.
As it became known as the ships of the Second Fleet U.S. within range hurricane, ready to assist in the aftermath of the disaster. This was announced on Saturday, the commander of the fleet, based in Norfolk (Virginia), Vice Admiral Daniel Holloway. According to him, 38 ships, including the aircraft carrier "Dwight Eisenhower", were withdrawn on Thursday in the open ocean. Now they are in a safe area and are ready to go back and help, if needed. On board the aircraft carrier and amphibious ships deployed dozens of helicopters, which can be used in search and rescue operations, and maritime reconnaissance aircraft P-3 — to assess the destruction from the air, said Holloway.


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Americans know how to make a show out of any, even the most tragic incident, writes Thus, the most powerful hurricane "Irene", which struck the eastern regions of the U.S., up to New York, became the hero of the reality show. TV broadcasters have established on the 12th floor of the headquarters of the Lifestream Global video surveillance camera that shows in real time, everything that happens in Manhattan. Anyone can out of their hiding places, and everyone in the world can watch the raging elements. At this point we already know about the nine victims of the hurricane, and apparently this figure the number of victims will not be limited.



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