Is the best hassle — it is the one that was not

The best fight - it is the one that was notAs indicated by the analysis of incidents of street clashes, the outcome of the conflict depends not so much on the physical fitness of participants, many of mental preparedness. Naturally, with the participation of a collision masterfully prepared fighter, final military solution of the conflict is known in advance, but if the attacker does not have the specially prepared participants have the opportunity to avoid a fight at the right constructed dialogue.

Almost always, youth groups, hard-behaved on the street, do not have in its composition prepared fighters. Psychology of each member of a criminal youth group is reduced to the necessity of self-affirmation and strengthening of their own status among this group. To do this, they use the creation of the conflict, so that by the humiliation of the victim to establish themselves among their brothers. Usually, "Gopnik" (argoticheskoe word for members of criminal youth group) does not put his own to begin the hassle. He is quite enough to scare, subdue, and then to humiliate the victim. The reason the conflict could be perfectly safe appeal, for example, requesting a cigarette or a phone call.

The behavior of the criminal group remembers gregarious instincts of animals because pounce on prey they can only if will be convinced that the resistance will not follow. Usually, these street bullies do not have the technique of doing melee combat, and the instinct of self-preservation are not lost.

If Forwards usvoyut that victim ready to resist, it can eliminate a pack attack. On the basis of the spoken, the first rule of defense — the preservation of the visible calm conviction and demonstration of readiness to repel an attack. In any case, it is necessary for the initial stages of the conflict to take all possible measures to avoid a military solution. Must be kept in mind that the participants of the criminal group in most cases excellent psychologists, because they have not attacked immediately, and entered into a dialogue. Means you need to use the opportunity as a result of this conversation to repay conflict and to disperse peacefully without causing harm to each other. If becomes clear that the collision can not be avoided, it should assess the situation from the standpoint of the ability to leave the field as much as possible faster contractions and just run away. Justify their brutal courage and risk to children's health makes no sense.

But if you could not get away, you should know and be able to use the basic rules of protection in a street attack. It is hard to understand that there is a state of "defense" in such a hassle, and the best defense — attack and forceful warning strike. To do this, you should try to strike the first blow with his fist in the face or the head of the attacker, the best in the chin or nose, and then in the groin. Protect yourself the same areas of the body. Fists best to keep the person, and have a firm footing, turning sideways to the enemy. During the fight, do not drive no discussions with the striker, better controls breathing.

Alignment of professionals about the introduction of guns in such a clash is not clear. Employees of South American law enforcement officials believe that to avoid collision rather show the presence of guns and the willingness to use it. But, in the criteria Russian reality is likely to turn out to be right army instructors who believe that you need to get a tool only in the case of possession of skills and decision-solid solutions do not hesitate to use it. In the unlikely event your gun can be used against you.

It should be understood once principled advice if the enemy fled, or you went out a winner in a skirmish, it should immediately leave the scene of the fight, trying not to throw for a trace. So how to justify the police that you were a victim, not the attacker can not work.

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