Islamic Wisdom: What elevates and that demeans man in both worlds

One of the great scholars said: "Who in this world was an honest servant, that in the next world will be clean ruler". Whoever claimed power over anything in this world, including members of his body, so his fate will decline in the next world, that is, just as it will decrease the extent and level.

In the next world will not be a greater man than he who is in this world belittled himself to the Almighty Allah, even if he was a great leader. And there is more degraded in the other world, than he who in this world is full of pride and exalts his nafs. Man reaches true greatness and sublimity, except through service and obedience to Almighty Allah, whatever it was a great ruler. And there is no fall and humiliation for a man, except from disobedience of Allah (if he asks for alms or herding calves).

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Greatness of Allah that nothing is happening with the works on in this world except by His will.

The greatness of the prophets is that they are protected from the loss of faith. The greatness of those who believe that they will not always be in agony. After monotheism lead them out of hell, even if they get into it because of disobedience. Is there anything more to a great believer? [Trust in Allah], without relying on the creation, — of ethics has known the greatness and power of Allah.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

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'Whoever kowtow to a wealthy man because of his wealth, he loses two-thirds of his religion". The fact that the Prophet (peace be upon him) mentions two thirds of religion, there is wisdom, because subservience shown in three ways: mouth, body and heart.
Who cringes mouth and body (working for the rich man), but not glorifying his heart, not relied on him, he loses two-thirds of their religion. And if he is, moreover, exalts his heart and relies on it, it loses all religion. Therefore, they say that if the heart of the servant shall be exalted Allah, in his eyes, the entire creation would be negligible. Realizing that only Allah exalts man, a slave will not seek greatness, no one but Him.

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If all people would want to glorify someone more than what he gets for small worship God, it is unaffordable. For example, if the people elect a governor and will glorify it, it is the exaltation of the ruler can not be compared with the exaltation of little service to the Lord. Because in the world to him, there is no benefit from the grandeur associated with the government, on the contrary, it can turn into a torture for him. But not for someone like Umar, son of Abdul Aziz. If people want to humiliate someone, he will not be able to humiliate him more than he will be humbled even the slightest deviation from the Sharia.

Thus, from the above, we need to learn two things.

First: Greatness, honor, and the humiliation of man — only from Allah, not from anyone else. The Quran says the following:

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Meaning: "Tell me about the Prophet, "O Allah, in whose hands this world and hereafter!, You give power to whom you want, and you are depriving someone of that power you want. You exalt whom you want and belittle anyone they want. Nobody can undo your decision, and no one may turn thee a destiny. Verily, Thou hath power over every thing"". That is nothing to prevent him from exercising his statutes and decisions.

SecondIs necessary to know and remember that there is honor and glory to man, except in submission to Almighty Allah and following His commands and prohibitions.

Cautionary tale

A man tawaaf Kaaba], and his comrades were clearing his way, driving going ahead. the same person after a while standing in a crowded Baghdad bridge and begging. Passer-by, who had seen him at the Kaaba, was staring intently, not this man, who has done tawaf. Beggar asked him, "Why are you looking at me?" Members, in turn, asked: "Did not you the man who was once so arrogantly walked around the Kaaba?" Beggar replied, "Yes, it was me." And he added, "where people go humbly, humiliation, I walked proudly, because of the Almighty Allah has made it so I humbly stood where people walk proudly."

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The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "Allah every day said:" The greatness, honor and power belong to me (??????? ???? ???? ??? ????) Whoever wanted greatness in this world and in the hereafter, let him seek it from me, obey me. " Who is looking at the greatness of Allah, he requests the assistance of the faith and in good works. "

From the book Motivation heed the call of the Quran / Said Afandi al-Chirkavi.

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