Italy and France are covered with water

A powerful cyclone hit southern France. There are victims. Rivers burst their banks and flood waters poured into the city. Some of them are completely powered down. From the disaster area is evacuated. Bad weather came from neighboring Italy. There is much in the last half-century rains killed six people.

 Heaps of garbage piling up wrecked cars. So looks like now the largest Italian port of Genoa. Public Services, with the support of rescuers from neighboring areas are trying to clear the streets after a strong storm that raged here day before. The city is a car, schools are closed, most of the shops. In some areas there is no electricity and gas. Local residents accuse the authorities that the city did not have time to prepare for the disaster, which killed at least six people. The witnesses of those terrible events still can not move away from the shock.
"I saw a woman trying to escape from the water with a small child. But they blew a stream," — says a resident of Genoa.

"We were on the street. Mum helped me to grab the pole, and then suddenly disappeared. When I did not see her," — says the boy.
The region is still ongoing heavy rains. Apart from Liguria, the element has reached Lombardy, Piedmont, and in the near future and will reach the island of Sardinia. The water level in the largest river in Italy rose by threatening to mark.

The same cyclone has caused severe flooding in neighboring France. In the 15 departments in the south of the country declared "orange", the penultimate level of anxiety. In the Alert rescue regions Hérault and Gard, it introduced a state of emergency. Because of the large water hundreds of people have been forced from their homes. Prepared to evacuate several thousand residents.
"Very sad to see all this. Every day, we hope that the water has drained. This I had only seen on TV. We are very scared," — says a resident of France.
Preparing for a flood and in Marseilles: the banks got river Rhone and the flow of water is raging on the city outskirts. Forecasters are encouraging. According to them, today element starts to fade.

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