John McCain: U.S. should be tougher with Russia on Syria

The president in recent weeks and months has repeatedly stated that if the will reveal the fact that the Syrian regime is using chemical weapons, it will enter the "red line." This will change the rules of the game. Do you think that the U.S. should take now?

John McCain, a senator from the Republican Party, Arizona:It seems to me that we should do as I suggested at the outset. Since the situation in the last two years has deteriorated significantly and now threatens the stability of the region, create a safe zone in Syria, which will manage the opposition, to ensure the supply of arms and make sure that it goes hand right people, and do whatever is necessary to put additional pressure on Russia. I do not know how it will affect Iran but definitely should put additional pressure on Russia to stop the growth of the supply of arms to Bashar al-Assad.Material provided by CNN USA.Perevod performed RT. Air date April 25, 2013.

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