Journey to Chekhov (1982-1983) watch online

Journey to Chekhov (1982-1983) watch online
They discuss about Chekhov, engaging us in sorazmyshlenie. There is no clear rassredotachivaniya roles, although, of course, Yakovlev more reads Chekhov, Lakshin more knows. This is understandable: Jury Yakovlev played AP Chekhov Theatre in the play of Eugene. Vakhtangov "sarcastic my happiness." Ease-of-shape screen dialogue helps to connect freely in the film are of a general disposition to serious reflections on the identity Chekhov.

Part 1 — I was born in Taganrog

Part 2 — Celebrity number 877

Part 3 — The Sakhalin lighthouse

Part 4 — Doctor Melihovo area

Part 5 — Letters from Yalta

Historical figures, people of destiny

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