Judoka from Dnipropetrovsk region received silver on the Continental Cup Europe

In Sofia (Bulgaria) Continental European Cup in judo. Three Ukrainian athletes won medals. "Silver" got European champion and vice-champion of the World Junior Alexander Starkov of Dnepropetrovsk region.

Three awards of Ukraine won the women's team in judo at the launch event, the Continental Cup of Europe in Sofia. Silver Alexandra Starkova (52 kg, Dnipropetrovsk region), bronze, Marina Chernyak (48 kg, Zaporozhye) and Anastasia Turchin (78 kg, Rivne region).

European champion and vice-champion among juniors Alexander Starkov confidently won the qualifying tournament. In the semifinals, leaving no chance Ukrainian dangerous rival, 35-year-old bronze medalist at the Athens Olympics and fifth at the Olympics in London Belgian Ilse Heylen. Sasha has earned "yuko", and then "ippon". Gold Starkov acted out with a 23-year-old Japanese woman Yuki Hashimoto, having to its credit with 9 awards Grand Prix tournaments, "grand slam" and World Cups. To fight for the best result a young Ukrainian woman Hashemite not allowed. As a result, Alexander Starkov was left with silver. This is the first award of 20-year-old foster child, Karen Balayan adult judo.

  • Ukrainian women won three medals in Sofia
  • Ukrainian women won three medals in Sofia

In weight 48 kg Marina Chernyak confidently made it to the semi-finals. Only there it stopped the winning pace future winner of the Continental Cup Japanese Riho Okamoto. In consoling fight it out on the Ukrainian bronze medalist last year's Moscow Grand Slam Russian woman Kristina Rumjantsevoj and climbed to the third step of the pedestal of honor.

There were no fights with representatives of the Land of the Rising Sun and Anastasia Turchin. Mami Umeki "ippon" won a bronze medalist at our Cadet World Cup in the quarterfinals. In the consolation tournament Rivne young judoka was stronger Slovene urrish Grachner, and then in the bronze battle left unrewarded Japanese girl Shiori Yashimura. As Alexander Starkov, 18-year-old Anastasia Turchin in Sofia won its first medal in the adult judo.

Another four Ukrainian women on the Continental Cup in Sofia finished in seventh place, adding points to the team success of our team. It is Mary displacer (52 kg, Chernihiv region), Tatiana Levitsky (52 kg, Ukraine), Louise Gainutdinova (70 kg, Chernihiv region) and Victoria Turks (78 kg, Donetsk region). In Ukraine seventh medal standings. The best team of the Continental European Cup in Sofia was Japan (4-2-3-4-1). Asian bypassed Frenchwomen (1-0-2-1-0) and Dutch women (1-0-1-0-1).

"In Dnepropetrovsk, a powerful sports facilities in many sports. Proof of this are the numerous medals and prizes of our athletes received by Ukrainian and world championships. We are proud of them and will always support them, "- said the Chairman of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration Dmitry Kolesnikov.

Continental Cup bronze medalists Europe by Marina Chernyak of Zaporozhye region and Anastasia Turchin of Rivne region. First place went to Japanese Yuki Hashimoto.


Judo — Japanese martial arts, philosophy, and sports unarmed combat. Unlike boxing, karate and other martial arts styles of percussion, are the basis of judo throws, locks, retention and suffocation, in stance as well as on the ground. Shock and some of the most traumatic techniques are studied only in the form of kata. From other kinds of wrestling (Greco-Roman wrestling, freestyle wrestling) Judo has a smaller physical force in the performance of techniques and a wide variety of permitted technical actions.

With a significant philosophical component, judo is based on two main principles: mutual help and understanding to achieve greater progress, as well as the best use of the body and the spirit. Before judo traditionally set goals of physical education, preparation for fighting and improvement of consciousness that requires discipline, perseverance, self-control, respect for etiquette, understanding of the relationship between the success and the necessary efforts to achieve it.

The Dnipropetrovsk judo has been more than 3 thousand athletes. In the national team of Ukraine consists of 44 judo athlete Dnipropetrovsk region.

Information provided by the Administration of Press and Information of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration. adm.dp.ua

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