Kindergarten and library opened in the village of Sakhalin

September 10 in the village of Chapaevo the grand opening event capitally renovated building of the kindergarten "poplar" and the village library, located in the building of the kindergarten.

Repairs of the building of the kindergarten "Poplar" conducted in accordance with the long-term target program Sakhalin "Ensuring the availability of pre-school education in the Sakhalin Region, 2011-2015." In addition to immediately overhaul the building "Topolki" technological equipment purchased to equip the catering department, sport equipment training in a gym, children's bedrooms and playrooms are equipped with new furniture. The grounds are fully landscaped kindergarten, playgrounds refurbished shady canopies are installed playgrounds. Much attention is paid to the safety of pupils — around the perimeter installed new fencing, lighting.

As a result of this work opened two additional groups of 40 seats. Kindergarten "Poplar" opened its doors to 65 children aged 1.5 to 7 years. Thus, the problem with the order to enroll children in a kindergarten in the village Chapaevo completely resolved. In addition, for pre-school children from the village of Okhotsk, if desired, their parents in the kindergarten "Poplar" village Chapaevo can be provided mesta.V result of the work opened two additional groups of 40 seats.

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