Kola Centre RAS offers to deliver ore conveyor Khibiny

Experts of the Kola Science Centre proposed an alternative road construction delivery option ore from Partomchorr Khibiny Murmansk region GOK "Deer Brook" — through the pipeline, the government reported in the region.

Apatite-nepheline deposit Partomchorr is one of the most visited valleys Khibiny Mountains — Kuniyok. Meanwhile, according to the concept of protected areas of Russia, in the area in 2015 will be the national park "Khibiny".

Field itself is not included in the boundaries of the National Park, but the road that will lead to it, the North-Western Phosphorous Company (NWPC) planned in the immediate vicinity of the protected area created. Environmentalists are concerned that the construction of the road will lead to the death of the ecosystem, and then on the land would be impossible to create a national park. In protest, several environmental organizations came out of the working group of the National Park "Khibiny" at the government area.

On Thursday, the working group headed by Deputy Governor Alexei Tukavin considered the option of conveying the method of delivery of ore from the mine to mine Partomchorr "Deer creek." This technological solution offered to professionals Mining Institute KSC RAS. As such a method was proposed to consider the pipeline.

As said experts, this technology is used in many developed countries, including the territories of national parks, and overcomes the problems associated with the placement of infrastructure in the National Park of the future.

"While this is only an idea, but now JSC" NWPC ", to decide to order the terms of reference on the characteristics of the pipeline. We would like to work on the design of the road and ran parallel to the conveyor, and that any decision has been agreed," — said Tukavin after the meeting.

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