L. prophecy of Chernigov on Russias future

Saved recently is not difficult, but wise. Who overcome all these temptations, he is saved! He will be among the first. The former will be as light fixtures, and the last — the sun.

Comes late, when the clergy carried away worldly worldly wealth. They will have a car and house, will be visiting the resort areas, and the Jesus Prayer toss! They forget about it! Then they do not go that way, you want to go, and people will lead the fainthearted for you! The bishops and priests, lovers reduce service of the Church, will go into the eternal fire! Many, many of these priests would die for their carelessness and negligence spiritual life! Most Holy Church betray the priesthood and lead for a nation. They will not be thinking about their salvation, let alone for others.

When you see a little freedom, will open churches, monasteries, and will repair them, then all the false doctrines will come out with the demons and atheists secret (Catholics, Uniates, Ukrainian-samosvyaty and others) and strongly in Ukraine turn against the canonical Orthodox Church, its unity and catholicity. These heretics will support the godless power, and so they will take away from the Orthodox Church and the faithful beat. Then the Metropolitan of Kiev (not worthy of this title) with his like-minded bishops and priests strongly shake the Russian Church. The devil in them and they will go down with satanic malice turn against the Orthodox Faith and the Church, but it will be a shameful end, and their followers will suffer the punishment of heaven from the Lord the King of the Force. All evil slander and false teachings in Russia will disappear, and will be a united Orthodox Church — Russian.

Our native language Russia and Russian. And be sure to know, remember, and do not forget that it was Baptism of Russia, not the baptism of Ukraine. In Poland, was a secret Jewish capital. Polish Jews forced them to conquer Russia. When the Poles won the part of Russia, they delivered to the Jews in the lease and the monasteries and churches. Orthodox priests and the people could not without their permission to perform any rites. Vexed and oppressed the Orthodox on all sides, favoring Poland, Catholicism and the union. Jews do not like the words: Russia and Russian, so named first conquered by the Poles, and gave them to lease Russian lands Ruthenia. Then he came around that there is a word of Russia and named the outskirts. Word boundary — a shameful and degrading word! What is the margin? Why, why suburbs? After all, for this imaginary Judeo-Polish borderland are other countries and states.

And later on their own orders Poles legitimized us the concepts of Ukraine and Ukrainians, we are willing to forget its name in Russian, all detached from the Holy and Orthodox Russia.
St Theodosius, abbot of the Kiev Caves, wrote that we do not praise someone else's faith, and in any case not connected with the Catholics and the Orthodox Faith is not allowed. Close in spirit to the great Archbishop Lazarus Baranovich, St. Theodosius of Chernigov and St. John, Metropolitan of Tobolsk — they did their best in the words of the Lord Jesus: "Yes, all ye that they may be one," to be with the Orthodox Russia together to make Holy Russia. And to all liberation from Polish occupation and oppression of the Jews and their rent and get rid of the alien to us spiritually pernicious union of Catholicism and introduced plantings and threats, torture, violence and death.

As it is impossible to divide the Holy Trinity, so it is impossible to divide Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. This along Holy Russia.
Know, remember and not forget. In the city of Kiev has never been the Patriarch. The patriarchs were living in Moscow. Beware samosvyatskoy Ukrainian group (church) and the union.
We must remember that the one God, one faith and one baptism. The Lord Jesus Christ founded one Church (not the church), which will not prevail against the gates of hell. Only one Orthodox Church Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. Others call themselves churches, not the church, but the tares among the wheat, and the devil the devil swarms. We Orthodox do not have to, but only the Orthodox faith, the salvation of souls and receive the kingdom of heaven, but to have our Mother Holy Orthodox Church has it all. Thank the Lord! And the chip, and move away from it — the greatest and most unforgivable sin in this life, and the future — this is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.
Go into schism and heresy only unworthy of God's mercy and great sinners who do not want to know: "I believe in One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church!" And that the Orthodox Church is the Body of Christ (the Body of Christ is it possible to share?), And finally, The Church is the seamless tunic of the Lord, (which, like the Aria, you can not break.) And do not recall that one God, one faith and one baptism.

The time will come when they fight, fight and war breaks out worldwide. Third World War will be not to repent, and to destroy.

Where it will be held, the people there will not be. And before that the Lord will send a small weak people and they will die of the disease, the most powerful Lord left for a meeting with him. and at the death of the Antichrist will be gone. The third world war is not for repentance, and to destroy. There will be a strong bomb that iron will burn, melt rocks. Fire and smoke dust will be up to the sky. The earth will burn. Will fight and will have two or three. People will be very little and then start shouting 'Down with the war! Let's choose you a king on the entire universe. And elect! Choose a king who would be born of the Virgin lascivious twelfth knee. And the Antichrist will sit on the throne in Jerusalem.
Not long before the reign of the Antichrist and the churches will be closed to repair,
equipped, not only outside but also inside. Will gild the dome as churches and bell towers, and when finished the main, then the time will reign of antichrist. Pray that the Lord would have extended the time for us to strengthen: terrible awaits us time. Repair of churches will continue until the coronation of the Antichrist, and we will have an unprecedented splendor. And see how it prepares deceit? All the churches are in the greatest splendor, as ever, and go to those temples can not be, because there will not bring bloodless sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Understand this: the church-that will be, but the Orthodox Christian can not be attending them, as there will be all the "synagogue of Satan" (Rev. 2, 9)! I repeat once more that go to those temples can not be: the grace they will not!

The holy place will be the abomination of desolation and show nasty seducing the world, who will deceive the people rebelled against God, and create false miracles. And then they will be the antichrist! The whole world will see it a one-off.
To the question: "Where in the holy place in the church?" Reverend Lawrence said: Not in the church and in our home! Earlier in the corner stood a table with holy icons, and then will be adjusted the seductive lure for people. Many will say the truth have erred : We need to look at and listen to the news.'s in the news and will be the Antichrist, and they will take it.
Blessed and treblazhen person who does not wish to, and therefore will not see the person bogomerzkih Antichrist. Who will see and hear his blasphemous speech with a promise of earthly goods, those driven to go to meet him with adoration. And with it they will die for eternal life will burn in eternal fire!

Antichrist will be crowned as the king of Jerusalem beautifully restored temple with Russian clergy.
Will be free entry and exit from Jerusalem to any man, but then, so try and not to go, because everything will be done to "seduce" (Mt. 24, 24)! Antichrist will come from the prodigal imaginary virgins Jewish twelfth generation of fornication. It will be highly trained in all Satan's cunning and will do wonders false. He will hear and see the world. His people will be "stamped" seal of Satan, hate Orthodox Russia
Antichrist will be elected as the king of the world and the main "peacekeeper" in the world. Should listen carefully, you should be careful, how to will only vote for one in the world, you know that this is the best and that he can not vote.
Must firmly know that Russia — draw the Queen of Heaven, and she cares about her and seeks her highly. Russia, along with all the Slavic peoples and lands will be a mighty kingdom. It will minister to the King of Christianity, God's Anointed One. The king will of God.

Russian people will repent of the mortal sins, which forbid a Jewish wickedness in Russia, not defend God's Anointed — the King, the Church and the Orthodox monasteries, host of martyrs and confessors of the saints and all the Russian saints. Despised piety and loved demonic wickedness. It will be a spiritual explosion! And Russia, along with all the Slavic peoples and lands will be a mighty kingdom. It will minister to the King of God's Anointed Orthodox. Thanks to him in Russia will disappear all the schisms and heresies. Jews from Russia will travel to Palestine to meet the Antichrist, and Russia will not be a single Jew. The persecution of the Orthodox Church will not.

Lord have mercy on Holy Russia for what it was a terrible and horrible predantihristovo time. Beamed great regiment confessors and martyrs … They all beg God King Force, King of Kings, the Holy Trinity glorified the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Must firmly know that Russia — draw the Queen of Heaven and she cares about her and especially for her intercession. Whole host of saints Russian with Virgin to ask for mercy Russia. In Russia there is prosperity and triumph of faith, but only for a short time, for the terrible judge will judge the living and the dead. Russian Orthodox Tsar will fear even the Antichrist. When the Antichrist will be the most powerful kingdom of Russia in the world. And all the other countries except Russia and the Slavic lands, will be under the authority of the Antichrist and experience the horrors and pain, written in the Holy Scriptures

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