Lapis will not act in Gomel

In Gomel canceled concert by the rock group "Liapis Troubetzkoy," which was scheduled for March 13 in athletics manezhy "Dynamo". The concert is organized urban cultural center.

Director of the Center Margarita Hadichenka reported that they got an order of the local Fire Department Emergency Service, on the basis of which a manezhy forbidden to hold public events. The director says that the concert rock band sold over a thousand tickets. The center's employees allegedly tried to find another room for a concert "Lyapises", but could not because of the large hall in the city. Sold concert tickets will take manezhy March 13 from 14.00.

In the city center of culture claim that they know nothing about so-called "Black list", according to which forbidden to mention in the official media of a number of activists of the Belarusian and world art, literature and music. Among them — the group "Liapis Troubetzkoy."

Manual athletic manezhu "Dynamo" (now officially called "Gomel Regional Centre for Olympic track and field") are reluctant to comment on the reasons why the concert is prohibited. Director Igor Sivodedov institutions, as claimed in a reasonable, is on medical leave. Alternates refer to technical reasons, no updating.

It is known, however, that in manezhy recently made a reconstruction. In the spring for several years here are the big exhibition of goods to the Gomel investment forum, inviting foreign businessmen and members of diplomatic missions accredited in Belarus. In Lately manezhy in an exhibition-fair "World of Honey."

It seems that the group "Liapis Troubetzkoy," if you do not really hit the "black," then in a special stop list, or has been exposed to the oral order.

By the way, in Gomel "Lapis Troubetzkoy" with the program "Fun" had come after a tour in Moscow.

Meanwhile musicians have posted their new album, "Funny Pictures" on the Internet. You can find the album on the site of, informs "Belarusian partisan".

The video, "I believe" from the album "Fun"


Gomel, Lapis Troubetzkoy, "Funny Pictures"

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