Large-scale fires in Siberia taiga ecosystem change, said the expert

Large forest fires that swept this year Siberia, changed its past taiga ecosystem in some areas, according to RIA Novosti forest program director of Greenpeace RossiiAleksey Yaroshenko.

"Many of the large burned forest areas, most likely, in the future will be lit again. Formed so green deserts of burning grass covers and dries, it becomes the perfect fuel for a new forest fire. Man unable to plant such large areas of forest and natural overgrowing will prevent repeated fires. could say that the fires in Siberia and the Far East changed the pre-existing ecological system in some areas of the taiga "- said Yaroshenko.

He also noted that the annual volume of artificial reforestation do not exceed 200,000 hectares, while according to Greenpeace, in Siberia had time to burn 10 million hectares of forest. Meanwhile, the Federal Forestry Agency on Statistics, the amount of area burned was about 650,000 acres.

The expert also explained that, in these small areas of forest burned, the fire ceases to be a factor in updating forest, and becomes a factor in their destruction.

"We expected that the Russian forests are updated annually if will burn four, up to seven million hectares, but this year the threshold is exceeded significantly," — said Yaroshenko.

According to the District Department of Forestry, the area of forest fires in Siberia for the past day has increased from 13,000 to nearly 15,000 acres of forest burn in Krasnoyarsk, Tomsk region, Tuva, Khakassia and the Irkutsk region. The most difficult situation is stored in the Tomsk region, where there are 34 fire on the area 8.4 hectares.

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