List of the world's billionaires by Forbes magazine

Moscow — a city which is home to the most billionaires — 79 people, the next — New York — 58. These figures represents the current annual list of the richest people in the world according to the magazine Forbes.

World's richest man, Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim, retained the first place that took in the past year. He made more money than any of the other 1,209 billionaires in the past year — 20.5 billion — and increased his wealth of up to 74 billion dollars. The magazine said China nearly doubled its number of billionaires to 115, the list included 413 American and 101 Russian citizen.

The second place in the overall ranking took the boss of Microsoft Bill Gates ($ 56 billion) and Warren Bafet (50 billion dollars).

The richest Russian, owner Novolipetsk Metallurgical Combine Vladimir Lisin ($ 24 billion) was on the 14th place in the world. Among the defendants in the current list of Forbes — 8 of Ukrainians, Kazakhs 5 and 4 poles. Citizens of Belarus in the list.

Here are some statistics from the 2011 Forbes ranking of billionaires in the world:

  • In 2011in 1210 it was the world's billionaires, up from 1,011 last year. Among these 102 women, compared to 89th in 2010.
  • 648 billionaires who increased their wealth in the past year. Wealth, with 160 declined and 146 remained "in their."
  • 214 billionaires made their debut in the list of Forbes. From Brazil, Russia, India and China, 108 of these newcomers.
  • 47 people left the list compared to last year, another 10 died, 42 — returned to the list of billionaires
  • The youngest billionaire — 26-year-old American Dustin Moskavits, co-owner of Facebook (2,7 billion), and the oldest — 100-year-old Swiss billionaire Walter Gefner ($ 4 billion).

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