Lithuania has denied the statement of the Ministry of Energy of Belarus NPP

The Ministry of Environment of Lithuania znyapravdila Belarusian Energy Ministry statement today that Lithuania is no longer claims Ostrovetskaya on building nuclear power plants.

"We have answered all the questions of the Lithuanian side (with respect to the report on the Environmental Impact Assessment (Awassa) the future of the Belarusian NPP), held consultations in the six countries concerned … All the comments that we received were taken into account, all the questions about the impact on the environment we replied, "- said Deputy Energy Minister of Belarus Michael Mikhadyuk during a press conference in Minsk today.

The Ministry of Environment of Lithuania in its press release on this matter today announced that these "statements of the deputy minister, quoted by news agency BelTA, do not correspond to reality"

"Lithuania has not yet approved the report on the assessment of the impact on the environment. Lithuania has not received answers to questions about the criteria for selecting the construction site in Astravets, which is Just 50 km from Vilnius, as well as the authenticity of the findings, which were presented in Awasa, "- said in a press release on the website of the Ministry of Environment of Lithuania.

The Lithuanian side stresses that Belarus has not fulfilled the conditions of the Espoo Convention on timely and comprehensive information and other procedures, including and open public discussion of plans to build a nuclear power plant. Therefore, the Ministry of Environment of Lithuania refused to recognize the appointment of Lithuanian and Belarusian representatives of 18 June 2010 as a satisfactory consultation on the Espoo Convention. Belarus was informed of this in a special letter July 9, 2010

In the middle of last summer, the Belarusian side is sent to the Ministry of Environment of Lithuania supplemented with a report about the impact on the environment. Lithuanian Ministry forwarded it to all interested institutions.

If all the comments will be summarized, Lithuania to Belarus direct answer. So far, however, highlights today's press release of the Ministry of Environment of Lithuania, Lithuania's position is that the Espoo Convention was violated by the Belarusian side.

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