Loser bet billionaire, worked a flight attendant


The founder of airline Virgin Airlines, British billionaire Richard Branson has worked as a stewardess on the flight of his rival after losing a bet, reports Lenta.ru.

Billionaire performed the duties of flight attendants on the flight airline AirAsia, owned by Malaysian businessman Tony Fernandes. During the six-hour flight from Australia to Malaysia Branson serving drinks and food, as well as notifies passengers on take-off, landing and flight altitude.

For this tycoon had to get dressed in a skirt and blouse, and shave my legs and lipstick.

Fernandez, who Branson lost a bet, was present on the flight as a passenger. He praised the work of Branson as a flight attendant as a "no-good", and then completely dismissed the tycoon after he deliberately knocked over by Fernandez tray with a glass of orange juice.

Because of this, the owner of AirAsia had to take off pants to dry them. After landing Fernandes and Branson took a picture together.

Some of the money received from the sale of tickets for the flight, will be transferred to the Australian fund the needs of seriously ill children. As reported by AsiaOne, each ticket cost about $ 400, of which $ 100 will go to charity.

Branson lost a bet in 2010. Businessmen argued, whose team "Formula 1" made better by the end of the season. British Virgin billionaire took 12th place, behind team Team Lotus, owned by Fernandez. Branson was going to work a flight attendant in 2011, but then he prevented the injury, which has received mogul while skiing.

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