Matrix. Part 1

The nature of reality through the eyes of astral travelers.

Foreword by the translator.

Want to know who you really are? Why were born here and at this time? Which means going around and your life in particular? What awaits you after this life? What is the Reality?

Published here for the first time ever need a very interesting, global and sobering stuff, which can be called the most powerful package of knowledge at the moment. Before you — the Matrix, as it is. For information about the book can be found in English, on the original site here. (Find text took me a few days fierce correspondence. Books themselves can only buy order by mail. Torrent and pdf-s not, and rightly so: infa not "all"). However, a major omission is corrected: now these texts appear in runet. The material is called "The Matrix" and he naschityvfet 5 books. From that material got its start (and name) famous trilogy Wachowski brothers. First of these materials (published back in 1988) served as an inspiration for young filmmakers (along with books Baudrillard and other philosophers), who read the first book in the series "The Matrix" work on the first part of the film.

These books are written by different people, to unite their efforts and materials together, and now all this is being conducted as a Leading Edge International Research Group. Some of its main authors are well-known researcher and head of the institute that bears his name, Robert Monroe (Robert Monroe), and Val Valerian (Val Valerian) (real name John Grace). (Google and Wiki will tell you more about these people.)

Cosmogony of this book describes all the things said recently "insider" in his "revelation", and many, many more. Since I myself am busy reading the original texts themselves (which I managed with great difficulty to get through third parties in Germany), I will write squeeze main disk imaging as "utryasaniya" them in a coherent and concise structure.

Ocean Universe and Medusa-Logos

So, in order to describe what is happening around us, we use another famous metaphor: The ocean of the universe. They live in the Ocean — beautiful creatures woven Intelligence (information) and energy, we call them "Medusa-Sub-Logos." Ironically, the people watching them (during astral outputs) see them in the image is very reminiscent of a jellyfish. Though , nothing strange here, if you look.

Here it is in front of you, enjoy. This creature — actually rubs your Higher Self (Supreme Soul), one of the incarnations of which you are now, in this life, in reality the 3rd Density.

Supreme Soul and the incarnation

A top — you can see the image made by the artist — co-materials "Matrix V" from the descriptions of what he saw in the astral outputs. This — the Supreme Soul ("Meduzoobraznye-Sub-Logos"), which loops through gaining experience in one of the realities of the third density. can say that they "feed". Their food — Acquisition and conscious experience. And personally, you now — one of the most delicate, the most complex and interesting "bodies" that Being: its "tentacles" which, in fact, collected valuable experience of self-awareness, plunging into the density and going through the "Games" thought forms.

Take a good look at this picture. Try to contemplate it. What internal response did you get it cause? Note, from the "jellyfish" also runs a thread up. Transcendental It leads to more higher, more "major" Collective Souls, Logos, "tentacles" which, in turn, are these logos, but that the latter will be later. (This essence of transcendence — the formation, the association itself, from small to large.) And so on, down to the Primary Logos — our One Infinite Creator.

In fact, almost always, when we pray to "God" — our prayers go out to our Higher Self, — our guide and Sub-Logos. Some prayers go out to the center — to the One Infinite Creator (Almighty), present in all. Prayer — it is our relationship with the Supreme Soul, and with the One.

When "feeding practices" by "sinking" of their tentacles-incarnations in the lower density, the Hyper-Medusa (Supreme Soul) use one of two methods:

Synchronous path of incarnation (many incarnations simultaneously, rapid cycling).

The path of singular incarnation (only one incarnation, slow cycle).

The Way of the Spirit of Nature (the various manifestations of the natural world, the Self of the planetary body of the Earth — in the book "The Matrix 5? Discussed only indirectly)

Themselves of the Supreme Soul are somewhat higher densities than their incarnation incarnation. If you are now on the third density (and then dying — get into the 4th, astral), your Higher Soul probably is on the 5 th.

Supreme Soul start gathering experience gradually, first in inkarniruya Spirit of Nature, then mastering successive incarnations, and only then, to acquire sufficient "basic experience", some of them dare to round, while incarnations. This cycle allows you to collect experience many, many times faster . However, this, again, requires a certain maturity of the Supreme Soul, because not all of them by virtue of processing so many threads simultaneously.

Synchronous path incarnation depicted schematically in the previous picture. It Medusa-Logos (Supreme Soul) uses just a lot of "threads" — incarnations, individuals who live simultaneously (in parallel) in different periods of the planetary density.

That is, the incarnation of the spread in time, but there palallelno in all layers (as linear time — illusory). In itself, the time can be compared with the "spiral roll" or reel of tape. With synchronous Cycle Medusa-Logos runs once a lot of "tentacles" of the "sector" coiled coil-time, and how-to "scan" all the contents of the "spiral" at a time. As mentioned, it is at times difficult, but gives very quick results. You can make an analogy with the CD: Imagine that instead of a single reading of the laser beam in the player has a few thousand who can read the entire disk in seconds. Not all of the higher soul immediately venture this way. Only experienced, brave (yes, that's right) and once already tried to read the sequence of cycles (see the description below).

Individuals who incarnated in a synchronous cycle, usually do not remember their "other" incarnations, and their task — to get as more varied experience, balancing polarities. With this experience in some incarnations will be "low" (coarse vibrations, the prevalence of negative, self-serving etc.), while others — the "high" (high spiritual vibrations, positive attitude, service to others, etc.). To gain enough experience requires many thousands of incarnations. Whatever career you choose — trust my Higher Self. She knows exactly what a experience you have come to this time. Whichever incarnation you are, and whatever your way — you know, that you are still on the total return to the awareness of himself as the Supreme Soul.

Incarnation of the Supreme Soul, passing synchronous cycle, usually located in different eras of time. In this final incarnation (which closes the cycle) is not necessarily in the Final Games 3rd Density. For example, one of the base (going rough experience) incarnations can be in the Final Game, Final incarnation — somewhere in ancient Greece and Babylonia. But somehow the information from one incarnation is transmitted instantaneously others, through the Supreme Soul. So now when you are reading this, all your incarnations of the Supreme Soul, wherever they may be, are (at most unconsciously) the same information. Hence dreams, déjà vu, and other "punch-through" signal.

Under the final (when the cycle comes to a close game), it so happens that the incarnation of the same Supreme Soul live in one and the same time. Some people meet their incarnation, and not always knowing who see before them.

Humanity is now basically — is the incarnation of Supreme Shower passing such synchronous cycles. Experience they need any! There is no "unnecessary" or "unnecessary" experience. In this sense, the Medusa-Logos "omnivorous." So incarnations (people) in fact there is no "error" — only delay. But the whole experience is in store. Penultimate and last incarnation close the cycle, and the last incarnation is itself transcendental identifies with the higher self (actually, it is Medusa-Logos). Usually last incarnation — is enlightenment, going beyond the usual sense, gradual exit from the game. Ending cycle, Medusa-Logos rises to higher "areas of the Ocean" (octave density), it unseen until now. Actually now on Earth just completed their cycle of gaining experience many Logos walking on parallel loops. Great Shift 2012 — this is the end of the cycle, and the transition had time "to meet" in a Synchronous Logos in the high register of the Ocean. In this singular (and the ones they will be able to "knock Synchronous path") will play again.

You all notice on your experience in the game that synchronous built all sorts of machinations. This is the core game.

Incarnation in successive cycles

To clarify the "competition" should now be said about the singular cycle. During his Medusa-Logos produces only one "thread", and experience "read" it for a long time (one incarnation, singular), in the course of a gradual "unwinding" spiral-time, one incarnation at a time. In the picture you can see a picture of this mechanism through the eyes of an artist, to contemplate these things during astral outputs. Note that individuals who incarnated so rarely born people. For the most part it is "alien" entities, or people-geeks who are born with phenomenal abilities, or the memory of all previous incarnations. Could say that the higher soul — a relatively young and spopobnosti to as processing of information they are not the same as in adults experienced Higher Souls. So they still do not like the "risk."

In fact, the essence of the games that we see around us in this density — is "inter-finding" experience different jellyfish-logos with their "threads"-incarnations. In other words, here in this density "feed" Medusa-Logos (Supreme Soul) as parallel and serial. Synchronized Supreme Shower is many, many times smaller than the singular. (Due to the fact that for the synchronous read requires a certain maturity and courage). Moreover, their interaction is perceived by us in the third density as a paradox: Singular essentially HELP Synchronous gain experience, preventing them complete cycle, and building all sorts of machinations by which Synchronous gain experience faster. Catch the irony of this paradox? In the light of the word "insider" of the victim, which they brought, bringing negativity, do not look so absurd.

The author of "The Matrix" Recommends that this interaction is a team game. Indeed what could be an interesting entertaining football without rival!

Here, however, play an important part of Polarity, and how they operate with the Supreme Soul of both "teams." In short — the extreme polarities, as a negative and a positive, beneficial, only the successive incarnations that survive swarm en masse. Any tyrant dictator and any "lightworker" perform equally effective work for the sequence, swinging to the extreme polarities.

Simultaneous live a "synthesis" of the two polarities in a single balance. This should not be confused with the yin and yang true equilibrium.

Now the situation in the world can only say that all efforts to "unification" of humanity into one global state with a single board of directors, to the creation of a One World Order — is the effort of singular beings (who on earth needs Swarm order, not individual) prevent the to the higher soul could pass on Earth Cycle Synchronous reading experience.

The only thing that they do not take into account — is that it is too late, and the Supreme Soul, passing synchronous way, soon finish game by going to the higher density, leaving singularly finish the game its "long history."

By the way, the infamous "insider" — representatives of these, alien, singular entities.

There is a "feature" in the game. A very dangerous (especially now, before moving on), but is also designed for our study. Fact that (according to many sources already), is a singular entity (ET), with very uncommon mental power who can do a very good replication ("virtual" copy of) the density and the matrix within the Octave. Actually, we live in a Matrix. (Remember, as the first "insider" says: "Are you sure that you are living on the planet, where do you think? ") She — designed on the model of the present, but in essence — a fake. Likewise, astral travelers can replace the original copy to slip (replica), for example, the 4th density, or even 5th. Up to 12 — th.

Well, we all know the biblical story of how the "evil one" is well able to simulate even the "Angel" character, with all the feelings for his chosen "goal." Therefore, you should be extremely careful. This is part of the game, and part of the training in the making Supreme Soul. Replicators can not create, but only copy. SubLogosy A — are able to create. why so many people now look like: remember who you are.

Art to be both

Translation of the book "The Matrix 5? Entirely — it is quite time consuming, and time is running out. Translate it entirely in principle do not quite appropriate: the book is a messy collection of notes that can be grouped into major themes, and will be released by 04.05. In Each of these themes is the key information that is important for the immediate practice of life. So I will publish "distillation" of the articles I have read, in which he outlined it practically important information.

First: To whom this information.

Usually we measure our success by the degree of his life gaining success, comfort and meet different needs. The book "The Matrix 5? Has focused a different perspective and a different gradation: the degree of development of your incarnation (incarnation) on this planet. Basically this is reflected in how physical aspects values prevail over the spiritual, and vice versa. For (semi-conditional ) graduation author divides people into translating the lower levels, average levels, the upper levels, and the final (and Awakening final) incarnation incarnation.

How you carries the interaction with the outside world, society? How much you care about the recognition of the other, position, status? How you carry away the technological capabilities of the world, including for the creation? How seriously do you view the events in the visible world around? Do you feel sometimes (or often) that everything that happens — the essence of Game Does it ever happen that you feel the underlying desire not to participate in the events of life, but only to watch them? Replying to myself to such questions (honestly), you can determine approximately where you are in the future incarnations.

The book "The Matrix 5? Basically have a target audience final incarnation. Usually people who feel (initially — unconsciously) increasing its deep desire to" move away "from the game, stop to get involved in its various aspects. Over time, these people are feeling "fake" is happening, although they have to play, every time "perch" in the next round of games, they are intrinsically "wrinkle" of a heart more reluctance to use it all.

Those who have read the famous novel by Salinger "The Catcher in the Rye," he remembers, as described by their perception of the main character, Holden Caulfield, he inadvertently sees and feels like everything just seems real, but in reality is over saturated with hypocrisy, pretense and nonsense. This typical features of Final embodiment, the preparation for leaving the game: the whole experience on the third density is already assembled, and the Supreme Soul is prepared to end the game to move to a much higher density. Essentially later life Holden Caulfield will certainly lead him to enlightenment, and his Higher Self will provide him all the way and leverage for self-awareness, and then end the game.

Medium and Nizhnesrednie incarnation reading this text will likely be all interpreted correctly outraged plenty of blame and criticism. This is normal. So if you are passionate about the game — look for other texts, allow yourself to live as they are now telling you to your Higher Self In other words, do not knock yourself out of the way, if you feel strongly that this is your path. Completely wrong to assume that the lower and middle incarnation something "worse" Higher or last: it is equally important parts of the same Supreme Being, and somehow all the "personification" exist simultaneously, and eventually return to their homes, becoming One Being!

The book contains the keys that will last incarnation as the final cycle, braked quickly overcome barriers and not to fall into the trap sequence.

As the game begins: the experiment, which scared the experimenters.

The land is located in a dark sector of the galaxy, so here prevails dark polarity. There are other sectors and other planets where the alignment of the Polarity another. But on Earth, as can be observed, the dark polarity enjoys good trumps, and play set in the main representatives of the Dark.

It should be understood, however, that the polarity at this intensity to what we perceive them, exist only on the 3rd and 4th density.

The authors of "The Matrix 5? Say that a sequence of civilization (following successive Way and collecting experience in one incarnation per pass) at the dawn of mankind were on our planet, and pretty pampered with genetic engineering (but not simple, taking advantage not only 3 — First density), creating race inhabiting the Earth, as well as dividing the people into two sexes.

Gene experimenters who have visited here in the deep past, unwittingly created a diversity of species on Earth for incarnations of rich experience: each new combination of race and gender to give new possibilities of gaining experience.

It should be very subtle and interesting point: the appearance of higher Shower, running parallel to the road. Whether this happened before the gene experiments, or after — I still do not understand.

Sequential nature of all conditions to the higher self, to venture on a "fast" parallel passages, could get varied experience in the world, dropping their "tentacles" at the same time in different periods frequency of earth time.

Where did the Parallel Supreme Soul? Author of "The Matrix 5? Argues that those few" brave "at risk run simultaneously many incarnations, and reading experience more quickly. One can assume that this is — a kind of "tribe" Logos has come with the higher planes (the mind of Christ?), And "educated" who wished to study Higher Shower parallel loops.

Your own Supreme Soul will tell you better, because it is led by all the details of the Game.

Thus, the sequence of civilization experimenters realized it, and since then, literally can not calm down. On the one hand, their gnawing "envy" to the opportunities of the Spirit, which allows simultaneous (parallel) path. They make all sorts of technological attempts to create a "hybrid" — a coherent entity that has the richness of feelings and emotions inherent in parallel. They still do not realize that this can not be achieved through technology, because outside of the third-density technologies make little sense (for there all you need is created only by the power of thought.)

Inability to understand the spiritual development through technology that makes civilizations, again, the same low level of spirituality. So, they are driven themselves into a vicious circle. These civilizations — the great technical ability. But the technique prevents the development of the Spirit. Based on cloning (Royal Orion continues to know the sort only cloning, genetic engineering — their fetish), technical tricks and sameness and all, these civilizations thus hinder their spiritual development.

According to the authors who participated in the experiments of civilization in the near future are going to announce to the world again, in order to directly take part in the transformation of the Earth in full sequence of planets, which excludes the presence of Concurrent incarnations. This refers to the civilization of Orion and Sirius.

Catch the bright man-made "bling" — as their preferred method mislead Parallel incarnation. They love to "breed" of people in the stories of what they are advanced and tehnogenichnye, and what people are "backward." Be careful on this lovilka simpleton. In fact it is they are backward, because still followed sequentially by.

Author of "The Matrix" warns that these entities sometimes people "take" for research (so-called "abduction"). Aware that the Supreme Soul looks no matter where you are, and let that happen only if it is a rewarding experience. If not — any attempt to cause you harm will be prevented unauthorized your Higher Soul, until the manifestation (phenomenon in the form of the other incarnations). Such a direct manifestation of the Concurrent Higher Shower usually terribly frightened Consecutive entities.

Successive often avoid dealing with Advanced incarnations, because they know that they quickly see through them, and "dissolve" them to fear or to "bling" will not succeed. So they hunt incarnation average levels, which can be played. Remember that their main task — to entice you to give up his power voluntarily.

End Game in the 3rd and 4th density and the Great Transition.

The authors of "The Matrix" asserts that now inhabit the Earth, only 35% of entities are the embodiment of the highest shower. Others — incarnation of a manifestation of the Spirit Animal (Animal Spirit).

Of the 35% of top shower, most — Parallel realization, soon to finish the game and go to a much higher plane of existence, where we were all waiting for a completely new experience unimaginable. Compare it to something not possible, because it is superior to any quality generating imagination and experience. Earth will turn into one of a plurality of successive planets where successive incarnations will continue to live that one day (very long time) also completed its cycle, and move to a higher plane. But with the way it takes a sequence of very many Cycles.

Higher Soul (both parallel and serial) are aware of the impending end of the game for the parallel. Therefore, they are now trying their best to mislead as much Parallel incarnations. But they will not help, because it's too late. All these factors together (the inability to create a hybrid, and that will not be anything special to prevent parallel) pretty unnerving sequences. Sooner or later some of them also will venture to a parallel path, but it will be later, when we will be far away.

The art of being simultaneously: how to reclaim the stolen power and learn to trust the Supreme Soul.

Society and all kinds of cultural programming created mainly to distract people from the main thing: the knowledge of the true nature itself. However, overcoming these diversions is the tool that provides an invaluable experience for the embodiment of the highest shower. Therefore, each of us is on the important (and very interesting, until the appointed time) job.

Playing in third density to build a very tricky and it has its aces (sudden large-scale events in the world, giving rise to major changes). All that is happening now in the world — there are elements of the game, and they all have a potential tool for a rich experience.

Your Supreme Soul knows all the details of the Game. The game has its own rules and break them supreme souls allowed only in the event that the breach itself provides a new, more complex aspects of the game. (For example, such a violation was Montauk Project, and the resulting it "hovering" loop time 1942-2003 — ….). Otherwise successive entities was not allowed to conduct this experiment.

Sequential nature go to all possible tricks to prevent parallel, complete game. Depending on your understanding of who you really are, you have the power to not be caught by these tricks. In the DNA of each of us has a code, programmers have to do certain "cycles" of experience. Attraction to the opposite sex — one of the DNA codes. Being in a pack, "to merge with the team," be like everyone else — these and many other settings such code is incorporated into the DNA of the original "metahimikami."

Overcoming teams dictated these codes — and is the most important work for the parallel incarnations. Find themselves. Your Supreme Soul knows when and how to offer you the situation in which you can make the right choice. This can be called a "fork in the road." Marry — not to marry. Classified offspring — not to give offspring. Signed a long term contract to work — not to contract. There is no wrong choice. There is only a choice, extending the game in the third density. If you feel it your way — so well received: the Supreme Soul has provided for you this experience, and it is right for you now. Next time, you will already know where it leads, and you will have the opportunity to reflect your choice anyway. Remember that the whole game in 3rd density — this Study. Soon — Issue.

Change the course of the game, one of the tricks Games. The path of the Observer.

Everyone knows about the confrontation polarity. Brown captures more levers planet. Note, Light is ready to respond. Confrontation — is prolonging Games. The closer you get to the final incarnations, the less you will have a desire to participate in the conflict, and the more — the desire to watch the game, extracting useful information.

But again, if you feel deep down that they should participate in the game in some way, then — this is your experience, and your Higher Soul knows that it will be useful.

In any attempt to invade your life path by another entity — no matter who it is — your Supreme Soul necessarily intervene. It is these "miracle rescue" is described in the story, when someone is "miraculously saved" or saved her "guardian angel." This was the direct intervention of the Supreme Soul, which oversees everything, and would not give to someone else had to interrupt your life, if this is not in your immediate experience.

All social norms, belief systems, religion — a set framework, the purpose of which force you to give up his power, and thus prevent the extend the completion of the game.

At first slowly, then more, you can pick back from the external circuits and social cycles in force.

For example, one day I was driving to work by bus. Driving past the woods, I felt all my heart, that now it is better to go to the forest. Not only that: I had a feeling that once this is correct. I took the liberty to ask the driver to stop and got off the bus at the bus stop near the forest, despite planned. It was a feeling of freedom. I went into the forest, and walked there for almost half a day. My soul rejoiced. Yes, you could say I'm self-indulgent. But it was not the desire of the body, it was the desire of the Spirit. Your Supreme Soul will tell you where are the situations in which you can make the right choice that leads to liberation.

Circumstances will stand against you a lot of obstacles, so you can not escape and progress spiritually. Prepare yourself that others would be against your freedom. Well, let them be what they want to be. It is their own business. You will fulfill the law allowed, one of the basic laws of the universe. Surrounding (whether family, colleagues — anyone else) will use any means to bring down your nonconformist views, and return back to sleep. Requirements conspiracies against you, the assurances in a wicked way — all this way to come back to you true to its physical identity. Dark and Light will turn upon you in the face of surrogates (weak, body-dependent people).

Provided that you really have grown spiritually, and the desire to "vyspiralitsya" from the game has matured in you, you will notice that the more you confront these external distractions, the stronger you become. Sometimes you can feel quite alone, if only not around be incarnations of the same level. This is a good test for you. You have to endure a series of tests to show that you have matured spiritually to a higher plane. Nobody said that everything will be easy.

Who is the main weapon against parallel — fear and intimidation. Do not allow yourself to instill fear. These "small release", similar to that described me, you take back your freedom, and do not give grains of fear of being put into the soul.

In addition, you can adjust the channel of communication with your Higher Soul. For this you can do to develop an exercise, you just have to feel understand their energy centers (preferably not on anybody's scheme, and self-ownership.) Before going to sleep, for example, give commands to each of the center, for example, advises the author of "The Matrix": basic command center "Power!" Genital "create!" Average "Protect!" Throat "Talk", and the top "Contact! ". After you set the top link with your Higher Soul, the "silver thread" that runs from her to you. Be the Creator of his way.

Chemicals, drugs and their role in the control of Concurrent incarnations.

We brush our teeth, eat chewing gum, shampoo wash ourselves, eat sweets, etc. In many of these products contain things like fluoride, mercury and other metals, the main purpose of which — to prevent your connection with your Higher Soul, obscure your awareness, and ultimately prevent you know who you really are. This category also includes all kinds of medicines that are bombing us flyers in Doctor Hospital. It should not, however, fall into paranoia. Homeopathic medicines and maintenance of the organism in the normal state (gymnastics, proper nutrition and sleep, but without fanaticism) are able to prevent all possible ailments.


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