Matrix. Part 2


Key Climbing

From the translator: At last I have defined the optimal terms for the two types of the higher self, described in the materials of the "Matrix 5?, And their ways of gaining experience. Now translated they will be referred to as synchronous (Simultaneous) and Singular (Sequential).

Higher selves — and in fact is an emanation of the One Creator, to know yourself by immersing himself in density, and an awareness of the experience of different densities and Octave Genesis.

Leaving "home" (stay in the Common Creator), Higher I (emanation) go "wander", and in these wanderings, nobody and nothing poskazyvaet them what to do. The first time, young (recently broken away from "home") Higher I explore, and "a bunch" together, they are interested in finding the density, where they in turn sent to the realization of their journey (and those of their emanations are we, mind staying on Earth right now 3rd density). Higher I always start with a singular way of gaining experience (sending one embodiment emanations at a time). As young people tend to congregate in the company pack, it happens at the level of the higher self: the younger, the large quantities they are "a bunch" (in the initial stage can be thought of a complete "carpet" or "caviar", which can be seen a myriad of creatures (young Logos Jellyfish). So are billions and billions of years (if the measure calculation time third density, which, in principle, for the most part illusory).

Over time, there are some logos that this singular way of collecting experience begins bore (for it is extremely slow), and then they stop to think, not whether there are other, more intensive methods.

At this stage, I offer higher synchronous way. ("The Matrix 5? Did not explain exactly how they open it, but makes it clear that synchronous way anyway growing up was called the Logos, since he essentially single Creator Logos are synchronous with infinitely small, and — paradoxically, by the laws of fractal Mathematics — an infinite number of incarnations emanations. Quite likely, other adults Synchronous Logos "talk" about it to interested youth.'s also quite likely that the very representatives of such adults (spiritual development) entities, and brought to the ground grain of true knowledge development that then it was deliberately mixed and distorted Singular entities, hence the establishment of organized religion, etc.)

So, the higher self, decided to take a chance to try synchronous way, separated from the myriad of his fellows, and begin individual development. Singular their relatives can sometimes attempt to bring back the "stray from the staff of" dissidents, which in itself is one of the aspects of the game. Ban the "machinations" that builds a singular "young", paradoxically, is an additional booster gaining experience synchronicity.

Planning Simultaneous incarnation path.

Before you go to the lower density as the embodiment, the Self is planning a simultaneous way, depending on the necessary experience. Higher I'm considering all available temporary sector and decide which incarnation is better to gain experience in which time and place of the Game. Number of processed and analyzed information in this above individual human understanding in most incarnations, so returning to your higher self (becoming who we are), we again remember. (Main error, which is human in thinking over the idea of the Self, it is when we present it as something separate. Actually this is our true "self." His "vysshest" means that it means more to us than we can realize being in a normal state of embodiment.)

It comes another very important information about the value and role of the various incarnations of Synchronous temporary phases Games. General Directorate of spirit incarnation carries the Self, in accordance with the rules agreed upon by all participants. Number of presence of the Self in a particular incarnation determines what will be the very incarnation of this: low, intermediate, or advanced (high), and sub-levels of each of these three basic types. The stronger presence of the Self, the higher is the incarnation. The final incarnation, reaching enlightenment, is the largest presence of the Self, staying in the game, and based on the rules of the game.

This information will give a lot of understanding to those who pre-acquainted with the materials of the "Matrix 5?. This is also one of the key information, which is eagerly awaited some individuals, but which could be made accessible to all, only this time the Game. Particularly useful this information will be for some very advanced incarnations.

The appearance of the Key of the Ascension — a great event to end the game. He showed up because it was time. Now the key is finally issued, and the next event is, in fact, the Ascension.

Since the introduction of the Gold Edition of "The Matrix 5? In the" library "at Focus 27 (Classification Monroe), astral travelers watched it very interesting events. Visit the library touched astral copies of the book, and in an instant it seemed to "absorb" in reading, immediately handed down higher self is a very exciting spectacle golden ripple, which runs along the flow of energy. Thus optimal between communication in the higher densities. Once one "copy" of "absorbed" by anyone to read, in its place comes another. Some even make a "copy" of the book to take with you.

Key purpose of the Ascension — to help in the last incarnation spiral out of the game, as well as in combination with the gates of time to send final incarnation at the time when each Synchronized Higher Self will withdraw its incarnation of the game. This key is available for all Synchronous Higher Self, and all Enlightened The final incarnation on Earth. Other spiritually mature Awakened Embodiments may also qualify for a chance to see key Ascent, if they are ready for this. Gold thread can use just finished collecting experience higher self after final incarnation of the Self will make Sozyvanie other incarnations through the Gate of Time.

The appearance of this last item to exit the game has made great joy (very conservative) of the Self appearance of "The Matrix 5? Become a key preparatory event that led to the emergence Key Ascension. Else in this process is provided by the incarnation and the final incarnation, in whatever time period they are. appearance key can be considered one of the "trump card in the game," and it has been planned many ages ago. (By the way, the response "trump card" may be, for example, the appearance of representatives of Orion himself, and taking the same power of the world in their hands.)

It should be noted that the embodiment of Singular Higher I also can read "The Matrix 5?, But in their case the individual gold thread does not appear, because its appearance is caused directly by the higher self of each incarnation. Also golden thread does not appear when someone simply flips through a book . Those for whom the material is "Matrix 5? really is, after reading and comprehension of the key points necessarily create individual threads of gold that will be further involved in the Key of Ascension.

The structure of the golden spiral that winds around the golden thread contains a unique code Synchronous Self, embodied by completing the game on Earth 3rd density. For this reason, no other formation (eg, cloned illusion, which may try to cause you know who) do not work.

Singular incarnation, many of which are already aware of the appearance of the Key may try to create a "duplicate" of its structure in order to change the rules again roughly galactic games, but they did not work. All participants in the game, before they entered into it, agree with rules that all fully understood. When one of the participants during the Games is trying to change the rules (unless it does not benefit the game) thus only slow down its development. At one time, all are aware of it, even the Queen of Orion. However By that time, all earthly Synchronous Higher I have long come out of the game.

Many Incarnations are final "Matrix 5? Longer in 3rd density, and during his time in the 4th (astral), in the same" library "at Focus 27. Often it happens when other incarnations are in the period of the game, read the "Matrix 5?, And the information is transmitted through the Self to the final incarnation.

Finally, everyone who develops the gift of visualization (and even more so if the gift is clear-seeing), are invited to work with the golden spiral and gold thread. Many have read "The Matrix 5? See that you have read a copy of the book covers a golden aura, which is then rotated clockwise, creating a thread. It is this vision is shown in the first illustration.

The combination of individual gold threads (people recognize materials "Matrix 5?) Double helix and gold thread (in which flow into individual strands) form a key Ascent, which will quit the game Synchronous incarnations of the area of their higher self Even if you do not really understand how this is all that will happen — trust your higher self: your final incarnation (wherever it was) already knows what to do, and it will all happen on time and well. Key Ascent, among other things, serves as a beacon to which awakened The final incarnation can identify direct path to higher self itself, knowledge about keys do not even need to successfully quit. This is NOT an individual key, but shared key created synchronously higher self in a sense it can be compared with the part of the university ceremony, in which graduates escorted to the red carpet and hand diplomas.

Although our key Climbing is unique to Earth Synchronous incarnations, astral travelers, published at the time of the limits of our galactic games, Key is still seen as a very thin gold line, extending from the place where the land is situated, at exactly the same angle of 50 degrees to the the place inhabited by the Self This key also serves as a signal for the Higher Self in other galactic Games, what is happening here complete the game, and we move to new levels. Also, it is a signal that is being prepared for a new planet incarnations Synchronous path where the game went on.

Another important point: the illustrations golden thread runs through the earth. It allows the earth's Planetary Spirit is also the energy use in the progress of the Golden Key transition. Symbiotic coexistence Synchronous Higher Self and Planetary Higher Self is coming to the final stage. Planetary Spirit did not go as well as we are the key, but we help this spirit to go to a higher level of development. Earth prepares to exit the game third density.

Information about the key Climbing — a material for reflection. Hurry with it is not necessary, and if now you feel that this concept is "no place" in mind, leave it for later. Concentrate on your life, and its pressing problems incarnation. Enjoy your experience, and do as the commands you to your spirit.

Game Polarity, incarnation and personal experience of being in the earth's game third density.

Repeated cycles of the situation or "loops experience"

You probably noticed that in your life some situations are repeated in cycles, appearing from time to time in different circumstances, but having a common background. In these situations, swim out aspects that you are working on in this incarnation. Be nice to yourself, listen to your spirit, which serves as a channel between you (as the embodiment), and your higher self

The ultimate goal of all cycles of situations — an awareness of your spiritual component as the main one. Many obstacles, traps, bodily identification and programming, placed in the way, are for you to learn to overcome them, extracting lessons. These lessons will be useful when you become create custom worlds.

It is experiencing these repeated cycles situational "loop experience," you learn to identify and overcome the 95% of bodily commands DNA (the same "patched" the dawn of humanity.) At the lowest levels of human incarnation involved the entire set of commands cycles. They are needed to gain experience in the 3rd density. When necessary experience obtained and understood, ie it recognized these "loops experience," your spirit becomes more mature, and you start to get tired of these loops, tearing them power over you. How long will the fact to break out of a loop, depending on how strong or weak for you have this loop, as well as the kind of experience you want your higher self, and which can be attained in this particular loop.

Sexuality has several strengths and weaknesses of case cycles, or "loops of experience" (marriage, childbirth, etc.) Religion also has several cycles, strong and weak. Third major group of cycles based on polarities. More than 80% of all "patched "behavioral commands DNA deeply" hooked "on sexual religious polar areas. Breaking these cycles are the most difficult, and it takes the most time.

For example, patriotism military is sub-cycles in the dark polarity. Usually they are very strong in the lower and middle levels of incarnation. Blind (or half-blind) obedience to superiors government, and equating the government's "state" is part of the cycle. These cycles are typically extended right up to the mid-Mature incarnation levels. Breaking these cycles are not easy, and it needs to be able to see in them what than they actually are. These cycles can be torn at the time of very conscious incarnation. Conceptually, these cycles are based on the experience of violation of the laws of the universe, and are aimed at conformity, which crave singular entity. Examples of ideological thinking: "the destruction of infidels," racial hatred, hatred of dissent, etc. All this — the Dark polarity signs of action.

Debt service (real) — comes from the inner consciousness of man. You can serve your country (again, again, on his own conscious choice), but not the government. If you see that your government is not even trying to comply with the basic laws of the universe, you should notice it and act accordingly. Rarely is a government that is to the extent necessary to comply with these laws as laws of the universe against the interests of the Game. Once you are sever power over you "loops experience" based on patriotism militarism blind obedience, you will closely monitor and identify how you allow them to cheat and use yourself. People who are still under the strong influence of these cycles will not want to listen to your arguments. Sometimes in a conversation with a man on such topics can be seen at some point, as the eyes of his her suddenly become "opaque", as if in their mind closes a door. At such moments must be stopped change the subject. This means that for them the time was not ripe to break the cycle. Respect their experience and way of development, as well as your own.

Another series of case experience cycles that are often substitute for patriotism militarism is just the opposite, which originates in the bright polarity. We are talking about the old myth of the world as "unconditional love" or "turn the other cheek." Remember, this attitude just reinforces the response of the pendulum swinging from the dark. "Beat me, use me, I will not say a word against it" — this attitude "sacrifice" in the same way restricts spiritual development, as well as the installation of patriotism Dark militarism. However, on his way to the end of the game you have (or have had) to test the polarity of the two systems, and knowingly break the two loops in the Awakened Final Incarnation to leave. And make no mistake, you will certainly do it. Blonde installing more typical of the Lower medium-consciously incarnations. Both the polarity and charge feed one another. Only connect the two polarities in a single alloy may escape from their captivity, and go beyond them. We are now in a period of the game, and you can see how strong these settings now. For those who successfully freed from their influence, they remain a useful object for observation.

It is important to be able to recognize the polarity. For example people who openly protest or oppose the government, may seem to those who allegedly escaped from the control of one polarity. But in fact they are so still successfully working on the play continues, causing the other side to react. The charges on the other hand — also a typical feature of the polar game. Also note that both polarities are SO serious about occupying the positions that they have almost no sense of humor. These and other observations you make, being the Final Incarnation.

However, be that as it may, to get rid of obsessive judgment against a particular polarity can understand the following: the light and dark is only temporary embodiment of the present, the eternal essences — Higher Self — leading his game, and this is the main essence of the game for these Higher Self

To break the cycle of situational experience required of remarkable spiritual will. You can not do that as long as your Higher Self is not acquire sufficient experience in each of these cycles. Only when this happens, you find the spiritual strength to come out from under the power of these cycles. Study the nature of balance, and it will help you understand the essence of Balance for you. Forcible compulsion, conformity and suppression of individuality — counter balance. Do not need a special courage to "play along with the crowd." It's too easy, and it is a simple way. However, the courage required to break out of the crowd, and to follow his own path — not an easy path. This way — much more interesting. Welcome to the End game.

Pitfalls of dark and light polarities

Polarity of play are resorting to all sorts of tricks to lure you to their side. I'm sure many are aware of group meditation Light, during which the participants' project a light on the problem areas of the Earth ", enveloping all the light and love. Aware that dark on the ground is also very fond of these acts of Light, as the mechanics of such a game every step of the opposite polarity gives rules (and power) of reply "swimming" in the world of its polarity.

Therefore, the closer you are to her as the embodiment of the Final Incarnation (and out of the game), the less you have the desire to participate in the game, on the side of whatever was Polarity. If you — or Awakened Final Incarnation, you are at most as an observer, which avoids a direct intervention in the game, but ultimately follows all events, at every step extracting useful information.

But, again, most of all to trust your higher self, and to do what you feel you must do. There are no mistakes and wrong turns. All acts somehow lead to the completion of the cycle, just at different times. Concurrent I have no problem of higher out of the game just once: their strength is not in numbers, but in personality. If there is a moment in which you are meant to interfere with the game, you will feel it, because your higher self will always know. Learn internal vigilance and train contact with your Higher Self

Politics, political correctness and the Polarity game.

The characteristic properties of polar — they tend to speak in the name of some "authorities", be it "sublime master" in religion, or "personalities" in the policy. Should distinguish behind this masquerade, which of polarities actually says.

Dark polarity is known for its requirement of people, "patriotism", "commitment", etc. Brown loves to fool society, making everyone believe that "loyalty to the country and the people" and "loyalty to the party and the government" are one and the same. This is not the same thing. Observant and notice contemplates the true voice and meaning here: polarity mask their true goals. People are aware of the falsity of the Dark, and so alarming. Brown knows this, which is why use camouflage. Supporters Dark believe in everything that the government tells them. They are weak spiritually, to see what their lead by the nose and lead away from the main point. In the dark side in the middle there is a lot of hatred, so if they can not control you, they hate you. It is their experience.

From the side of Light also has a compulsive programs, such as the "avoidance of evil thoughts" because it is itself a "sin." (That is, in fact, have a ban on the personal aspects of the incarnation of experience and development). Know that if you prohibit show individuality and forced to conform — you're dealing with the motivation of singular incarnations. You can think anything about anyone, most importantly with respect to the rights of others on the experience and qualities, when they, in turn, forced and not oppress you.

Another manifestation of the light — it is "unconditional love", which resulted in a successful response returns flourish Dark, "causeless hatred".

Both polarities are in a state of imbalance. In the nature of the game. The only way to eliminate the polarity is to fuse them into one. FUSION. This — what polarity, by the way, are afraid. Liberalism — is change. The idea of conservatism — stagnation. Vibration changes — there is a spiritual vibration. It should not be confused with the "liberalism" of Light, because it is not the same thing. Neither polarities (taken separately) is not true. Polarity but each has elements that become part of the truth, in the balance of the alloy with the opposite polarity.

As long as you will not be able to consciously achieve balance, you have to, and you'll be playing on the side of one of the polarities, as the light and the dark, with all their consequences.

A classic example of how the embodiment of the highest I understand the nature of polarities — for example, a person who commits a crime for a time, repents, and gets in the way of virtue, purposefully doing good works, "zaglazhivaya sins." But then (maybe it's another incarnation) Based on this experience, begins to feel that and severe benefactors did not give him her to fully open, sometimes subconsciously feeling that something binds it. So we realize that no one of the polarities in itself does not carry the potential of true freedom and development. However, now enriched by the experience and the elements learned in being in each of the polarities, one feels the need for maturity and comprehension of the Middle Way (equilibrium).

More modern version of (cultural) of the comprehension of polarity is often seen in young people who, for example, consciously fond of music, based on all the negative. All sorts of nonconformists, metal, punk and other subcultures. Discover all the Dark polarity (but not necessarily a burden for themselves many dark deeds), people may eventually dramatically "flop" to the Light Music, comprehending its essence. And so on, before finding the right balance.

By the way, this is a perfect illustration of the fact that people, a fierce critic of the "dark music", "satanic group," metal, etc. — Nothing at all to understand the balance, and just raise howl on behalf of Bright polarity. In reality, the presence of a variety of musical and cultural trends — there is a great gift games, allows a person to comprehend the essence of the Dark polarity without burdening yourself personal negative actions. Should value these opportunities and not find fault them. If your child, for example, carried away "dark music", do not get hysterical, as some foolish parents. Quite possibly, it is a gift of fate, which will bring in the future a person the necessary pieces of wisdom, and eliminate the need to comprehend the dark polarity on personal experience , they had to do all the days of old.

Remember, the higher self, the elements of both polarities of experience as the Dark and Light, to complete the study in the third and 4th densities.

The most distinctive feature of this dark — is that the real Brown never admit openly, "Yes, we are dark." No: only amuses teens will dress up monsters and screaming "oh yeah, what we are dark and gloomy" The real Brown will always say they are bright and otherwise zamylivat people's attention, to show if they try it for the good. Observe this property with my own eyes in how they operate slogans political forces in the international arena, and that they do make. Need more examples?

Despite the fact that each of the polarities preaches its goals in the world, they are not both true. You will be able to understand this, as only achieve inner balance, in which individuality will be the basis, and recognized as a right of all and sundry. So far, the game continues. However, the end game is not far off.

In the previous excerpt materials "Matrix" was told that not all people are embodied on the Earth are incarnations of entities, which we call the Self: More than 70% are the embodiments of the Spirit of Nature (which is the physical body of the Earth.) Has also been said that in the history and development of humanity as we know it today, took an active part essence of other worlds (which is the embodiment of Sequential Higher Souls). mnogozhdy These entities are mentioned in various ancient scriptures (more precisely, those crumbs that are left to us after the burning of the Library of Alexandria) . Specifically, the Old Testament, "Serpent", which offered to Adam and Eve to "be as gods." Now more on that, based on the evidence of "The Matrix 5?. trans

Warning Prejudice: keep in mind that reading the material, to take what was said to be from the perspective of who you really are (the Self), and not from the perspective of what is in this life, the physical body. Many times in the "Matrix 5? Outlined the various aspects of inequality of male and female sex (which are illusions) because of what many readers who are in the game there is a feeling of resentment because of the" indignity "of either sex. If you protect a floor — a "strong" or "weak" — meaning only its visible nature, and not the spirit that develops inside, it means that you still had a certain way in your incarnation development (and, again, again, this does not mean that you are "better" or "worse"). You do NOT have what is your body. If you're on your perception of the world, "just a man", or, for example, you can be difficult to come to terms with how people are different, all that you get from reading these materials, it is the realization that you are to them is not ready. All in good time.

The human incarnation of the Spirit of Nature.

As mentioned, in addition to the evolution of man Reptilians subsequently participate lot of "entertainers" from other civilizations. They all have their sights set on the person: someone is waiting for the next lot of the labor force, people are interested in someone as food and energy source (batteries from the movie "The Matrix"). There is also the essence of the more high-octane, which are also embodied in his time here (since physical "ships" to move in the Octavio simply not needed), and who are interested in the people as a fellow-creator. Basically these entities from the high-octane quite able to quickly restore order in the world, (even though the Earth is in the dark sector of the galaxy, so here is dominated by dark polarity) by intervening in the game at any stage, as the ability to far exceed any technical progress and any conceivable technology terrestrial and extraterrestrial. These essentially willed that if even half of incarnating on Earth deliberately want such an intervention, they immediately respond to the call.

Polarity forces that play on Earth, aware of this covenant. That is why on Earth so promotes sex, family, and even the reproduction of their kind. Behind this is a cunning plan to prevent half incarnated Concurrent Higher Shower want to intervene in the game High Self. Since the rules of the game every conception must be filled incarnating soul, the higher self, which requires experience, in fact, much smaller than conceiving of physical bodies, the role of the "donor" is forced out the very Spirit of Nature, which supplies "portions" of his substance is no longer in the animal world, and the human incarnation.

What does it lead? People are born, but you can always tell by eye incarnation of the Self, and the embodiment of the Spirit of Nature. Usually the second — it's a wild, very little meaningful glance at the man who remains so at any age. These people are usually in the extreme body-oriented, they like to cluster their kind, massive global events entertainment, mass battle, battle, participate in spurts emission of negative energy of the crowd, etc. Usually they "animal easily" be cruel, and every exhortation and admonition to them almost useless, because they are unsubstantiated again (due to the fact that the Spirit of Nature of the Self, as opposed to people of the higher self, very different tasks in the Plan Being). Basically people-embodied spirit of Nature is usually used words "animal" (and they often hear this word in the address.) At the end of life, the soul of a man returns to the Spirit of Nature, where they come from.

As the game comes slowly and surely to its climax, it soon is a perversion, triggered by the polarity, the stop and the Spirit of Nature (which has very different objectives from the human Self, and of these problems discussed in the matrix 5 is not) will own business . We can only observe the development of games, and benefit from important information. The degree of interference in the game each defines himself, aware that participation in the game (especially since attempts to change) are the only extension of the game.

All your simultaneous incarnations (YOU) provide information that will be used in all your incarnations through access to higher self (main YOU). They came to one embodiment, is good for everyone else. So do not underestimate the unique presence felt by you as you are, and all subsequent changes of levels.

If we take into account the fact that one of the basic patterns beliefs, programmed support people's perceptions of reality, is to identify himself with his body, which is also reinforced and complemented by identification with belonging to a specific gender (if you managed to make a person a "buy into") as well as any other means of identification (roles), whose purpose — to lead people as far away from the opening of the true Self and further development, that is an interesting question: what would happen if (theoretically) suddenly appears right? Then there would be no discrimination on the basis of race or sex, and all the other synthetically created "ills" of the world, built on the body attachment, including potreblyatstvo and world economy suddenly "burst" would be in the views of people, because people do not buy it at a global deformity.

Every college I will choose the experience, and the way that will be unique to the interests of this particular fishery Higher Self Traps conformism in 3rd density will try to get you to refuse to accept who you really are. Polarity are based on conformism. "Be like us, vote like we hate how we reward those who obey" — all management techniques that operate and are supported by the polarity. They are always annoying, if you say, "I do not care what you do, just leave me in peace. "Normal reaction to this are various hanging guilt complex: sin, hell," god ", etc. At such times it is better to speak as Glinda from" The Wizard of Oz "," fall off, not over you, too house could collapse. "

It should be remembered that the way Concurrent Incarnation based on the balance, which combines both polarities, and the elements of each of them — are the necessary part of the experience, however, higher self, with none of the Polarity is not given complete preference — pure and light and dark polarity only go astray, leaving balance!

Pay attention to the challenges that allows you to play! Almost always something new that you become aware of, will be immediately subject to verification: Do you really think of this, or simply as "Diva philosopher" fun? Trust your higher self, and watch to bring you experience.

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