Measles epidemic in Ecuador

The number of cases of measles in Ecuador as of October 22 was 107, the last two days there were 5 new cases in the province of Tungurahua, in the mountainous part of the country, where the disease has appeared in July.

Last Thursday, the country began a mass vaccination of children against measles. Of the total, 66 diagnoses were made on the basis of epidemiological confirmation of contact with sick, 39 laboratory confirmed. Most people are sick all in the same province of Tungurahua: 100, five people diagnosed with measles were hospitalized in the province of Pichincha, Cotopaxi in Guayas and is listed on one of the patient.

The main diseases are responsible for a surge in the city of Ambato, Tungurahua provincial capital, where the incidence rate of 4.88 persons per 10 thousand inhabitants. The main contingent of patients corresponds to persons under the age of 5 years. Last hospitalized patients are children under the age of 2 months to 3 years. No mortality at the national level have been reported.

Mother continued to bring children to medical facilities for the kids to be vaccinated against measles. Measles vaccine, imported to Ecuador in the amount of 1.5 million doses, has an efficiency of 95% to 98% and does not pose any threat to health, said Health Minister David Chiriboga.

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