Medics Neta

Medics Net'аPerhaps, in any country of the world, which equates himself to the level of developed countries, the word "censorship" is not the cause of rejection such as in Russia. Apparently, years of general "screaming silence", did not come for our society to waste. But issues related to freedom of speech in Russia, far not all Russians are obvious. Certain forces once again trying to reincarnate the information field of the country's well-controlled area, which grow only "necessary" seeds. Such agricultural utopia, which was cultivated in our country an incalculable number of years — a field without weeds. At the same weeds in the present case was referred to anything that does not conform to certain aspects of a small group of interested individuals.

It is not so long ago, there was information that the representatives of the League of the Web benign decided to take the grand significant purpose to rid the Web of child porn. It would seem that read — sore subject, and her long time must be addressed. The venture on first glance seem to really objectively necessary. But to combat the spread of child porn in the Global Network League proposes to make some changes to the laws "On the Media" and "On Telecommunications". And it's here that float on the surface of underwater stones. The fact is that in the copy of the main document, prepared by the League of benign web and the Ministry of Communications, contains words that relate to blocking websites is not only child pornography, and with mention of narcotic drugs, and (most importantly) — Web websites with extremist materials. With all of this to block websites with child porn will be without taking a corresponding decision of the court (which is normal), and blocking websites with extremist content will drive the operators based on the decision of a federal agency.

Based on the materials of the document, we can assume that some people will take the responsibility to refer the websites to the "good" and "bad." After all, this definition of extremism is actually the case does not exist. Some of the resources they say that extremism — a commitment to the latest measures and gaze. Others tend to believe that extremism is not to be taken by another as a set of acts aimed at the forcible seizure of power by the method. Behold the third of extremism discrepancy reporting and operations of the 1st or more persons with the bulk of the people.

It turns out that extremists can be fully attributed all color blind. After all, they do not behold the fact that all behold the others. A means websites for the color blind League security of the Web has to clean up the strongest possible terms. All gay men and lesbians, too, or if any, and the most true extremists because They — the minority. If so, is the League is to ask the mysterious federal agency to show these sultry dirty dog, which authorities should correct use of the Internet community. Yes, you never know who else might be brought under the category of extremists and close to people belonging to these websites.

If such a bill will turn into reality, then most of the news and analytical resources in the best case will self-destruct. Here we will tell, for example, about how on one or another area of the one or the other held a meeting, and we have here are these "Legionnaires" together with his harsh federal calculate and asked to be closer to the "correct" views. Indeed, judging by everything, even the narrative of extremism "Medics Neta" is fully capable to reincarnate into the propaganda of extremism itself.

How many websites have to close the opposition parties, because there whole content — solid extremism, according to the views of representatives of the League.
You can imagine for yourself the man put in front of the monitor and said, come on, say, my friend we were sought extremism. And this man gets 96-sheet notebook and begins to write out all the addresses of Web sites that have words like "Down," "Give," "Tomorrow at two in the Swamp" or "Pugachev — the stage!" Apparently, this book is full of human with prodigious rapidity …

It is necessary to mention the fact that the representatives of the League already has a list of resources that are targeted all-seeing eye of the latter-day censors. This list of websites related to Ron Hubbard's books, plus a couple of files with the extension. Wmv (informativeness awesome — really). Such a selective approach to the identification of extreme global network resources fully in the spirit of an old "good" censorship when "Doctor Zhivago" or "The Master and Margarita", too, were forbidden in connection with the content of the works and politneblagonadezhnostyu "terrible remoteness from the people," the creators.

It turns out that once again the specious pretexts (this time the fight against child pornography on the Net) are a prerequisite for the infringement of the rights and freedoms of the people of the country. With all of this can hardly be considered a coincidence that the initiative of the League took place at the weather which followed the post-election protest rallies against fraud TECs and the CEC.

Do not forget that one of the generals of the Interior Ministry even offered to abandon the Internet anonymously. They say, well, what is it all the same for logins, but nicknames, let's make a movie like "Carnival Night" — instead of the bad Topa and Type — their names: for example, a clown and a clown Nikolaev Sidorov. "Why should our Russian people to hide the face?" Registered opposition website — be kind — introduce yourself (instead of login — name and passport details), so you find it easier to competent authorities. But as a general Moshkovo would have given up, but the failure could not be completely designed for the press, as well as the real action started another scenario for the League of security.

The only thing that can put a reliable barrier wishes "prune" RuNet, can become the Constitution. After all, the law would be contrary to one of the basic achievements of the latest of — the ban on censorship. But was there ever an obstacle to the Constitution of the Russian Federation wishes of the "right of the majority." Not suitable website — closed, does not fit the Constitution — will be replaced. And even in the recent Duma of the main party of the last times there is no constitutional majority. Our Duma opposition, as we know, is not the opposition of all opposition. Where should — and can enter into the blocks to make decisive decisions …

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