Message of the Maya have been sent via the «heavenly pilgrims,» the people of the North

People of the North — that's us, the ones who live in the north of them, from the Yucatan Maya, it is we — the people of Russia. "Heavenly Pilgrim" — is also we, we — a small group of people in Russia, who felt the call of the Maya in his blood, and therefore went to meet with the elders and shamans of various tribes of the Maya in late 2012, at the end of the Great Cycle.

Tickets also fell on the date November 11 (11-11, those "accidents are not accidental," as Master UGVE :-)). Actually, in the Yucatan not use the word "shaman", they say "ahmen" (which is about a shaman), or "curanderos" (from the Spanish "healer"). It turns out that they knew in advance of our arrival, before we made the decision, they were waiting for us in 2002. And so those ancient knowledge of healing and world order, beliefs, Mayan cosmology, which for centuries kept secret and passed only "their" — at the level of consanguinity, dedicated, healers, their students — now began to open and made available to the white people.

Maya go, they knew about it for a long time, they have less and traditions are lost, and even those who are born in the Mayan community, even in the jungle, in the villages — not very "Maya", as the legends and myths of creation and the creation of Life on Earth, tricks of the trade and interaction of living in harmony with all the elements and kingdoms go forever … they just virtually no one to pass, there is a small group of dedicated people from different tribes who had little contact with each other. Young people to move on and out of the jungle in the city, it becomes more susceptible to the Western way of life, the people en masse to Catholicism, although very "diluted" pagan beliefs "green serpent" put his hand to it (or more accurately the "tail") — people quenched and drowned their life problems in alcohol, more poverty in the whole country, the leaves and the Mayan language, as everyone in the country in Spanish, in the villages there are no schools with instruction in the Mayan language, and though it is a language that has not previously had a written language and in which there are still 2-3 different versions of the pronunciation of the same words …

Gradually disappearing, and the language and culture … Mayan descendants of the "ever" Maya, the keepers of truth, chose to leave … and knew about it in advance. And predicted, they are ready. For this reason alone, they began to meet with the white people, Europeans, and talk about what earlier no one ever spoke with "strangers." They see us as the Maya, we see the true Mayan naipryameyshy because they have access to the Chronicle, where it has just one ahmen and curanderos, and they see our past lives, our incarnation, in full view, in which we had to, we were Maya Maya … go away for good, they end their mission … and this is very sad and sick at heart … but they understand it and calmly accept. And they want to share their wisdom and be grateful that someone made the journey in 10 000 km for this important meeting.

One of the priests told us that the transition started in 2010 and is in full swing, and it will be the final phase at the end of November — December 2012. And it is very important dates for the Earth will be 12, 13, 14 December. They asked us to tell you that these dates all people should be especially conscious, quiet, calm, be at the center itself, to put aside all worldly affairs, not to participate in the bustle, do not waste your energy in vain, to radiate love and be in prayer and meditation a better and beautiful world for our Earth. Not to the prayer, saying that "Give to me, Lord, this and that" .. No. .. we're talking about a meditative state of prayer, in which we ourselves create, they are asking us to do his pure exalted mental radiation and create the wonderful world of the Earth for the next new cycle of 25,000 years, the way we want it to be so, as did the ancient Mayans thousands of years ago, creating our world.

What will happen on December 21? All also wake up and see that the world still is and will be, it will be just a little better … there will be a new world and a new spirituality will come … no major changes will not be immediately obvious, this process is the shift time and energy, and it will take time . People and the media have created a buzz around this date, which only generates energy fear triggers mass consciousness and the negative impact on people. Maya asks you not to support this fear and those beings who are trying to sow, not to produce and create themselves by accident that same collective intelligence. Their message to all — no end of the world will be!
This process of change is not only people, but also our planet.

Mayans warned us to go out of the water — do not live on the oceans, seas, major rivers as the water will rise and overflow, but the exact dates no one gives.

Keepers of the Mayan knowledge suggests that now is a very large separation, disengagement of people on "light" and "other." They do not have the words "dark", just as there is no concept of "hell." They have their world order, the tree of peace, nine underground levels and 13 higher above ground level and it is absolutely divine. Going down to the lower levels we communicate with their ancestors, that with animals and spirit guides and departed relatives, seek and collect it part of their soul. Have their keepers at each level.

But nowhere is there — it is good that the top and the bottom is bad. All you need is everything and everything is in balance. So, there is a very rapid separation now and are clearly two camps. Moreover, to the extent that those who considered themselves "light" — hitting the "other" camp, the "other" environment, there are adapting very quickly, assimilate and stay there. And the division is growing … And now the time for all of us, on the contrary, it is important to unite. Teachers have told us that it is crucial now more than ever, collaboration — to unite people looking for light and going to the light. Alone, do not survive. Now there is an invisible battle and it is important not to lose. Since long ago, the Maya people, people of knowledge, and thus estranged lost the battle. This must not happen again. Knowledge that is given to us — it is a great responsibility and a difficult burden. Now is the time to heal. Maya knows it, and treat not only people, but also the animal kingdom, the nature around. They also say that at this particular time is very important to keep your energy and not waste it on the conflict.

Visiting ancient temples we saw many sculptures of Mayan gods without heads (such as the statue of Pakal, Mettsaboka). They are called "headless". Why are they without a head? Shaman one of the most mysterious and secluded Mayan — Lacandona (they also Maya, like a branch) that live deep in the jungle and had little contact with other tribes, and before 1930 it was thought that they all died at all, as they did not come out of the woods and did not want to talk, and "take" "blessings" of civilization — Lacandona shaman explained that the headless statues of the gods, because one must live not the head and the heart. Therefore, the sculptures removed the head and stand together, or none at all. Their messages descendants: "Lay your head to the side. We have to live from the heart. And the world can be controlled from the Heart! "They knew it and they show it to us. Another message they want to convey to us, "People do not think that you are such a great, important. If you know how something good to do, it is the Spirit gives you this opportunity. You — are good conductors, nothing more. Leave pride! "

Transition goes, but a little less as planned and originally expected. Globally, yet very few people are awake. Our challenge now — to wake people from sleep. When the people wake up, can be good and wise creators of life on our planet.

Information from teachers and recorded Maya took Lyudmila Esefella, 05.12.2012

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