Meteorologists warn Moscow about elevated ozone

Hot weather in the Moscow region in the medium leads to increased concentrations of ozone in the middle of the day, which can cause deterioration of health in asthmatics and people with diseases of the upper respiratory tract, according to the Russian Hydrometeorological Center.

"Today, August 1, in Moscow and the Moscow region the eastern half of the places ozone may reach critical values — the maximum allowable concentrations for the settlements," — said in a statement.

Ozone — a gas composed of three-atom oxygen molecules, is a substance of a first-class risk. In high concentrations it can cause deterioration of health in people with chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract, asthma, and allergies. Therefore, meteorologists recommend these people try not to go out.

At night in the surface layers of the atmosphere ozone is very small, the maximum levels of ozone concentrations reach the day between 14 and 19 hours, during the most intense heat.

"From ozone, as well as from the afternoon heat, the easiest way to protect — to minimize exposure to the outdoors. Indoors at this time useful humidify the air. Near water ozone will also be less. Near trees, especially their arrays, elevated concentrations of ozone — in hot weather, the trees produce hard substances, of which under the influence of solar radiation in photochemical reactions of ozone ", — the report says.

According to meteorologist, on Thursday changes of air masses and the short rains weakened slightly hot, but on Friday the weather conditions will again boost the concentration of ozone in the afternoon.

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