Mexican military have seen UFOs

Mexican military pilots filmed 11 unidentified flying objects in the skies over southern Campeche state. This is on the condition of anonymity, said the representative of the Ministry of Defense, reports AR.Zapis was made March 5, 2004 using infrared equipment. UFOs were spotted at an altitude of about 3.5 kilometers. At the same radar recorded only three of the 11 sites.

According to the pilots, the UFO disappeared as soon as the fighters stopped their chase, reports On the tape, a video of which was shown on Mexican television, clearly visible, as are some bright glowing objects are moving fast in the night sky. Pilots had to be pretty nervous. "At one point, radar showed that they are behind us, left, right and front. It made me tense up, "- said in an interview one of the witnesses of the strange celestial phenomena, Major Magdaleno Kastanon.

This case, according to the researchers, is different from other known collision with a UFO that practically the first time the fact of meeting with unidentified flying objects have officially confirmed by the military.

But even these step-down "strikes" fade in its stunning effect before the recent UFO events in Mexico. Here flyap incredible strength and intensity has continued uninterrupted for six years! Moreover, the authenticity of unidentified flying objects is certified with such depth and conviction, which has never achieved in the history of UFO research. In 1996 alone, the researchers have at their disposal five thousand spans UFO videos (including about two thousand — very good quality). There were mass sightings of these objects by thousands of people over the capital Mexico City, Mexico. And among the witnesses were pilots, police officers, soldiers, submitting videos, the data of the radar, the physical evidence is "planting" of UFOs. And most importantly — obtained rare video of contacts of the third kind (direct meetings people with "space aliens").

In the afternoon, July 11, 1991 residents of the metropolis of Mexico City were in suspense predicted at this time, "a solar eclipse the century" — the last total solar eclipse in the final century. In the eyes of hundreds of thousands of people covered moon disk of the sun, and the day plunged into darkness. Total eclipse lasted six minutes. As it turned out, 17 local residents from different districts of the city, filmed this rare phenomenon of nature, seen in the direction of the sun obscured by a bright metal object. He suddenly appeared over the capital, stood still for half an hour and apparently rotated around its own axis. All this time it was fixed 17 cameras. At the end of half an object has disappeared …

Some ufologists considered coincidental arrival of an unidentified object that is in the period of the eclipse, for he appeared for this reason that a great many people. Maybe the "owners" of the UFO had to convince of the reality of the maximum number of observers?

And historians have remembered the prophecy of the ancient Aztecs and Mayans, which treat a total solar eclipse at the end of the second millennium as a symbol of "the death of the Fifth Sun" and the birth of the "Sixth Sun", which marks the beginning of a new era in the evolution of mankind. Mayan priests who were able to very accurately predict the timing of solar eclipses, attributed the sunset of life "of the Fifth Sun" with powerful natural disasters. Indeed, in 1985, Mexico was struck by a series of devastating earthquakes that claimed thousands of lives.

Shortly after the eclipse of the sun that swept the country, according to the chief of Mexican UFO researcher James' Moussana, "UFO fever." As a television journalist, Moussan turned on the television to the local residents to send video spans a UFO, and soon his office was bombarded by hundreds of priceless video tapes. In recent years Moussan poluchalog from 70 to 100 UFO reports monthly. He believes that, apparently, is not all the witnesses have reported their observations, for fear of ridicule, and therefore, perhaps, almost the entire population of Mexico is convinced of the real unknown aliens visiting Earth. Local media are choking on calls and letters unwitting witnesses "visits" and the government, stunned by this barrage, does not even try to deny informants.

Local ufologists note the curious phenomenon: despite many years of fears of government officials, always predicted a "panic" and "violence of religious fanatics" in the case of obvious manifestations of alien forces, nothing like in Mexico is not observed. According to James' Moussana. Mexicans perceive the appearance of unknown visitors "with mixed feelings of excitement, wonder and awe."

During the celebration of Mexico's Independence Days UFOs are indispensable participants in military parades. Notably seen this part again in 1991. In television reports about military parades can see pictures of the "dive" UFO crowd of spectators and TV. On one of the celebrations were filmed UFO accompanying system of military helicopters. In amateur video film fighter jets violated their festive order and rushed to intercept unidentified objects. Of course, it did not give any results. Similar scenes were shown repeatedly on national television in Mexico.?

How to tell the dispatcher of the airport of Mexico City and other cities in Mexico, UFOs regularly approach the runways, as if to watch the take-off or landing of jet airliners. Existing videos can be seen UFOs hovering dangerously close to slow down the aircraft. The situation is alarming, because in these cases, the airplanes off-board electronics and automation. Such events occur at the airports. Fixed and other miracles: one videotape UFO split into two separate objects, on the other — on the five parts! Videos demonstrate a variety of maneuvers UFO — from a stationary hover in place until an instant of acceleration of thousands of kilometers per hour!

Perhaps the most impressive footage obtained Jamie Moussanom most recently, shows the same span of 40 systems of unknown objects! A special place in the Mexican UFO saga takes episode with Carlos Diaz. Experts pointed out that the simple and the poor man, as is Carlos Diaz, could not create a falsification.

Another noteworthy event occurred near the town of Metapeg. Managers of the local airport watched several UFO and noticed that one of them seems to have landed. The next day, James Moussan a television crew arrived at the landing. Neither they nor the professional biologists could not explain the appearance of the grass in this place round Dent print. Even more surprising change of all types of plants. Overnight at least 2 — 3 times per week?

July 28, 1996 airliner "DC-9", with a hundred passengers on board was approaching the airport in Mexico City. Suddenly there was a heavy blow, and the pilot abruptly turned away. Landing, thank God, was successful. Checking the liner showed that thwarted one of the shock absorbers. "Managers have told me before landing on the approximation of the two UFOs — told the pilot Cervantes Rouen. — Probably, we crossed them, and therefore have faced. "
Some of the best Mexican UFO videos were subjected to computer processing and increase. One of them unknown object looks like a hockey puck. This apparently, "hard" unit, steamed in the air instantly disappeared. In one scene he is, and the next — no. A time interval between frames is less than the thirtieth of a second!

In 1981, Diaz was shooting in the woods sunrise. Suddenly he saw a glowing orange color of the cloud, comes up from the valley. Coming closer, stunned photographer realized that the glow comes from a hung system, and took a few pictures. Later, he went back to the same place, went to the orange glow of literally a few feet and saw a round dome of the machine! It started to rain at this point the photographer "someone grabbed from behind," and he lost consciousness. When he awoke, was astonished to find that, despite the rain, his clothes were completely dry. Diaz got up and went back to his car. In it he found a strange young man who promised him to explain what had really happened. Then the young man disappeared, and Carlos Diaz saw that pumpkin growing here has found a strange feature — its appearance and precise structure changed every six hours for a few days! According to scientists, such an effect, if there was no radiation exposure could be caused only by a strong electromagnetic pulse.

UFO on the show in San Francisco Jaime Moussan showed video footage given to him a woman, who wishes to remain anonymous. One night, she heard a buzzing coming from the bushes near her home. The woman grabbed the video camera and with her sister ran to the bushes. The fact that the sisters have seen, it is impossible to convey in words. Yet they have the nerve to shoot that presented itself to their eyes. The video moves a creature up a little more than three feet with his hands and feet. But his head was more like the head of an insect than a human! On the tape, etched voice terrified witnesses. They kept repeating the words of prayer, crying out to God for protection from the devil … The analysis of video recordings did not reveal any falsification.

According to James' Moussana, an unprecedented invasion of UFOs on Mexico can be reasonably explained by the desire of unknown forces have a psychological impact on the population of the whole country in terms of its peculiar adaptation to the assaults of UFOs. In the next step, you can expect a similar invasion of a neighboring state — United States (and perhaps Mexico as nearby countries and selected for the kind of "rehearsal"). After all of humanity will get used to the UFO might take them a massive raid on the planet, let us hope, with good intentions …

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